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Build that own emotional intelligence within yourself really start painting the picture because then you realize what you are and what you're not the thing that you are versus the things that you're not there are other people that are opposite. Maybe some people that are three quarters. You know maybe the people that are just a quarter of what you're like in so kind of understanding the bigger spectrum and then kind of acknowledging what those differentiator are really kind of played them perspective. Oh these are the things I'm you know not privy to that. I need to be aware of or any. Need to slow down and be considerate of been your for for input. Actually Funny Enough. You were talking about values and those one were values. Who Actually did this assessment that? What am I France My friend Peter he actually quoted it up and essentially a list of the fifty a more common values so things like learning family relationships health. Annul those things and essentially think almost like a campaign board I know you're during throughout guile rights or anything ties Andrew Love. That's so essentially. Those are the fifty but then beneath the big your top ten and then you need to move them forward And then you need to move it to your top five and you can only be like pig five. Any Mike might five are learning kindness convenience passion on freedom of the things that a value the most and the one were values that I have and funny now like Like wealth are not there right or things like health you can also then after the this assessment. I took As actually many retreat. You know idea. I live in California right so I actually I over a long weekend. I went to the beach and I was thinking about okay. So what does this mean anyway? And I realized that that explains a lot of things sooner because I do it all these things like I. I work long hours and On sometimes there's a project in Europe when you get to fly to mild pound two weeks and concessions for customers. I'm in was yet again because I don't you know again. I don't prioritize my my health as much as they probably ship or things like. Well write a story. I was at visa conference at work. We sales conference and the people are going around these top till our asking. You know just having a nice nice conversation when somebody asks me. Hey what are you into right now? And I mentioned that I'm really to walk casting and I mentioned that attack and the very next question got asked me was well. How do you make money? Yeah so so I clearly know what they value right there in sales right so curious about you know. How do you make the sustainable So it's a funny enough I'll I'll actually L. Go ahead and put on the show notes people. Can they have fun doing it? And maybe find out about their values. Maybe they're blind spots because these these games might my blind spots. Are Those things that I'm looking at? Muslims like my health. Or maybe another one of your values. Maybe THAT WE DON'T SHARE. You know so yeah. Yeah and but if I did a similar assessment and so I kind of just started in junior point. I kind of just started from the list and I would check off things that like. Oh this you know seems like really important to me I find myself. Doing more of these are also picked about like ten to fifteen then like you said I narrowed them down the five so my five our gross also concerned I guess encompasses learning adventure inhabits Authenticity is huge for me Even just to put a name to it like mental resilience that includes extreme toughness Servant leadership is a huge one for me in that encompasses impact compassion meaningful work. And then my last one is acknowledgement and even back encompassed compass. I kind of recognition achievement. Fame influence respect success in wealth. And it's like we were saying right away. I think wealth but it's more so it's not even about having the money or you know the money to do things it's more of the acknowledgement to say like I met a certain level or you know to acknowledge the work that I've done so again like you're saying kind of the more you narrow it down and really get to the root of it. It's like oh it's not really like having the money part it's more about the recognition you receive you know because you have the money or because you are invited places or you know what I mean. It's that kind of your legal holding the trophy like that. It's not more of the trophy. It's more of the acknowledgement of the work right. So that's why the the servant leadership right the impact the meaningful work getting the recognition of kind of that legacy. Because you did this. This is the result of it So in a trophy is kind of like that outward facing it's much more for me like hey these are the lives you impacted or because you did this work. This is what this equals. Got It so asa aspiring ally on the I need to ask you again so you mentioned you know an ally is the behavior qualities are looking for but maybe a the have any stories or a guy examples of people that were Alex to you like how they help you and And again I want to give the two or three people that listen to this an Ivy L. O. Maybe I should do that. Yeah I think it's a really good point especially to your point of examples For me I'll say I I didn't have as many as I would like I do think a consistent behavior or effort that I've seen that helped is You know what everyone needs and we talk about it especially through ship of needing a mentor. A sponsor in an advocate So I would openly readily seek out anyone who is willing to give advice willing to sit with me especially You know women of leadership or people of Color and higher leadership Because I felt again like. I'm an anomaly. Your arm anomaly. Like I can talk to you about things more openly and again. I'm not afraid like I said. I don't mind being confrontational very in touch with my feelings. And I wear my heart on my sleeve so me knowing that about myself I always went in just very vulnerable authentic and honest and that has always served me really well granted. I kinda catch people off guard. Sometimes they're gonNA expect me to be forthcoming but I would say again. I've been very grateful. And quite frankly into starting to blessed and honored enough to have people that have served as mentors sponsors and advocates You know of one in particular was a director of engineering and he took a chance on me when I was an intern at the international aerospace company and he was a higher again director of engineering a white male but he really saw in me and so I would say that. I know I'm really eager to change things. It's really hard for me to be patient so just having those type of conversations where I feel like my bosses and understand me or I just need some type of project to really make me challenge me to make me feel like I'm growing In so he would help me kind of maneuver through ways and I would go through them with my list of tasks and say this is boring. This is boring. This is boring. I like more of this kind of stuff In so just putting forth kind of this is what I'm interested in. This is what I WANNA learn. Ended up Helping me oversee a five hundred thousand dollar three D. Printer and it was the first in the entire company All the others. We were the first pilot for all the other locations and three D. Printing you know jigs and fixtures and assembly jigs and tools and so it was really cool because it is essentially became inspector gadget on top of being near at the time. And so it's those type of things we're just sitting down having someone there to listen to understand to hear me out helped me kind of create this unofficial role or responsibility that I was really interested in And so it's those type of thing kind of seeking out one again as a woman or an ally to kind of be that for someone In additionally again just talked about it earlier but listening part Much more is actually having an effort to seek to understand. It's one thing to hear someone out but it's another to really put forth effort.

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