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Also we were more depth that using very lightweight equipment and and more, you know, hand held cameras that you could put everything. You need to make a movie into a small van which we did and made a film actually on the road. And we all said, well, gee, why we can make movies anywhere. Why don't we go to a more exciting city in terms of traditions of of literature and poetry. And so we chose San Francisco which is also not all that far from LA in terms of needing actors or the other resources. So reading this book, I learned a couple of things first and foremost that radio production, which I've been doing for a long long time is very different than fell. As I listen to you talk about some of the challenges that you would have, but also we learn why your name is Francis. Ford Coppola you were following your brother exact guide will wonderfully billionth and and five. Year older brother who wanted to be a novelist. So immediately we'll all be a playwright and was always my dream that we would be to famous brothers like autos Huxley and his brother, William James, and Henry James or Heinrich and Thomas mind, you know, and he wrote under the name August Floyd Coppola. So I just imitated him and I became Francis Ford Coppola. I was named Ford after the Henry Ford hospital where I was born. And so yes, it's true that that I was imitating his use of the three names. I thought that was so cool that's Academy Award winning director, Francis Ford Coppola whose new book about a new way to shoot films is called live cinema and its techniques. Francis Ford Coppola. Thank you so much for joining us. It's my. Thank you..

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