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So he might drive by the lot invite you'd better hustle in there and make that deal right now on a great deal back on what's on your mind. Ten before the top of the hour. Let's go to David who's been waiting while two-way end, David what's on your mind? Well, are you Scott? Oh, yeah. Couple of things for the congressman with the big floods one of the real assets of the Dakotas as well as some of the surrounding states as topsoil and with the floods wonder if there's any kind of way that you can fast track some topsoil remediation. Saving that topsoil people in this centuries in the future gonna thank you for doing it. The other thing talking about the bar report. I gotta disagree with you. You just go to page fifty one it starts out very interesting with all sorts of very strange allegations. And then all of a sudden it says ongoing investigation. So there is no you start looking at the collusion with Donny junior with his daughter with Manafort with Roger stone. In fact, Roger stone is totally. I'm not sure how you define. Collusion. David. But we don't have enough time to probably find out. But let me give Kelly chance to address this both on the topsoil front and also on what you climbing. The report is collusion. Yeah. Well, I think the top run. I mean that is one thing we're always working on whether cover crop programs, particularly like I said, I drove up to a yesterday, and there's a whole whole lot of water up. There aren't going to be areas that aren't going to be able to be planted this year. So not only do. I mean, we have to monitor that. I I will say that our farmers are the best about resources to know where we're at with that. But also making sure that they know what I'll programs are available and just real quick before we get into second part of that question. I think it's import- gals. Make sure everybody realizes that you have to get your two thousand eighteen certified certification in by may first to qualify for the market the second round of payments, the market siltation program. So that's just a little public service announcement from your congressman while we're doing that. And with regards to the to the report they I mean. This obstruction conversation is going to go on for for a long time. We know that we've already seen what the chairman of the committees who they're paying what they're trying to the peanut, but it is abundantly clear in section one of the report that the president of United States was not involved, you know, criminal conspiracy art, which is the legal version of collision with with the Russian government. And I mean, it is crystal clear in section one of the report governor Doug Burgum has addressed the passing today in the house, and now Senator will be it will be the done deal on the Theodore Roosevelt presidential library museum. We are deeply grateful to the legislators who recognize the store cartoon ity presented.

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