Blaine discussed on Rooster Teeth Podcast - Blaine Burns Everyone - #453


Yeah we to rubbed though at that point she got well that's what i'm talking about mary like what was the dipper situation like it will he was that was opened by the way your you're tick was through the no no no no no it was on that his dipper but it was just like she was just like it was in there and was it over was it in over the pant rob no it was like in the pants but like yeah this you are cargo shorts their eyes in the or cargo short helu she how is she like he just likes it here's the problem blaine is it was the most violent thing i've ever experienced in my life they like they were all like it was like he was like she she was conducting an orchestra knows else like that i was just trying not to because it was painful why would you nazis oh and that was like oh jin flirt tip like how i was trying to be like i didn't i didn't wanna like methyl you want to ruin you're getting no no whatever though i just didn't want to i didn't want to like like mental like oh that's bad trying to be like he's about positive reinforce positive reinforcement ripe okay and it was the most i mean that it was bad i still can't figure out how old is whole things happening like where how she's getting her hands and she just she was like through no it's like it wasn't like up my pants duty which didn't go up the places like ankle in and then just kind of like but like pants.

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