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It was always about miles. Morales his story. And I love miles a lot. I wanted to. I think Peter was talking about this earlier. I wanted to spend more time with him and see more of his his world. So it was just a film that I wanna keep revisiting. And I have not yet gone back to it. But it's something that I will see over and over again, I'm sure you check up the comic books. It's really great not. I mean, I think the movie is better like the movie plots the COMEX in a big way, but it's it's really fun spending more time with him in in the other characters in that world each t-. What is your number two of the year? My number two is you're never really here. So this is Lynn Ramsey's brutal tone poem, which is this heroin film about walking Phoenix's hired gun. Joe who makes a living from rescuing young girls from child prostitution rings until one day. He has a case that exposes this widespread corruption and results in him losing his latest rescue and basically like forced to go on the run, and he becomes intent on rescuing the the girl Nina that he had lost. Because of this this big corruption, and it becomes sort of similar to other like revenge lone wolf stories, like taxi driver in the other sense. But there's really no sense of catharsis here because this is a movie that is tremendously lean and completely absent of the thrills that you expect from these kind of movies. It doesn't offer you that catharsis that usually would get in revenge films and it. It it feels like a a breakdown really if that lone wolf mythos and a subversion of it in a brilliant way. And I I really really loved and I especially love walking Phoenix's performance in this. He transforms into this hulking, dense mass of a man who really can't function in modern day society. Like the only way he knows how to function is through violence. And that's something that I found really intriguing and really compelling to watch in your your number two on the year was Chris's number three. Chris why did you love? You're never really here. You know, pretty much all the reasons HD said, it's just it's not it's not what I was expecting it to be. I was expecting it to be this like violent. Taxi driver esque film, because that's kind of how it was marketed. And it's really not what it is. And just the editing of this film is so unique. And what I love most about this film is that it doesn't really tell you anything like the audience the viewer has to put the pieces together. And I appreciate that Lynne Ramsay trusts the audience enough to be smart enough to figure out what's going on without just flat out, showing them. And I know that might not appeal to other people, but I I really love that that aspect of it. Ben, you did not have this on your list is the reason why Nope. No, I I enjoyed this movie. And again, I agree with everything they just said it just didn't connect with me in that in that same way. No. I I also agree with what they said. I think you know, since I probably won't be talking about this on my last. I I love the style. I love the execution. I do love everything Christmas saying about this movie. I just feel like it's a shallow pool after that. I don't feel like there's much depth..

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