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The wire was Obama thought the wire was the greatest show ever to be on television. Michael K. Williams later said he was so high on drugs that day. He had no clue what Obama was saying to him. It was just completely whacked out of his mind, so struggled with drug addiction. All these years had to say so. Michael K. Williams is dead. Star of the wire and just 54 years old. That is a tragic story now. Also somebody who died but in less tragic circumstances. Willard Scott, the weatherman from the Today Show will. It's got what was the 84 I think or something like 87 87? Yeah. Willard Scott. Now I grew up with Willard Scott. You must have granted Willard Scott course. Yeah. Member. He would wish every old lady 100 if she turned 100 and wish her 100 birthday 100th birthday party. The Smucker's jam, right? Wasn't it like Smucker's jam that sponsored it, And they would show all the old ladies and old guys that turned 100. Now they could, You know, so many people are living to 100 that that segment could go on forever. But when he was doing it, not as many people are living that all interesting. You said that because I saw that segment over the weekend. And they were celebrating the birth of one year olds. What, and I said, I mean, there's nothing cuter than a one year old. But they don't have a lot in their life to talk about at this point. I always liked the stories like, uh, you know, Ida 100 from Boise. She lived on whiskey. You know, they tell you these great little like 10 bits of their life. She got to Iowa to covered wagon when she was a young girl. I think they were telling this little ticket that was so fascinating of 100, Your old life. You know the one year old pictures cute on this market, which are but not the same. Trying to lower the demos. I guess so by a lot. So, yes, speed of the demos deadly and I was saying now who's the bigger name for our listeners? Michael K. Williams or Willard Scott. I have a feeling it's Willard Scott Manley. I don't think it's Michael K. Williams. Potentially Napoli disagrees with me. Michael K. Williams on Boardwalk Empire. His character was so good, so good. Oh, man, that he was a powerful guys is chalky white. Um And I mean, it just I mean, he really was a star of that show. I don't really watch the wire, but I'll tell you, Omar on the wire was a character. You won't forget. He had a great actor. Absolutely incredible. Now I have not watched the wire, but I have some friends who say the wire is really one of the great TV shows of all time and I have you need to put it on the list. Friend of mine gave me the entire run on DVDs have to watch it. Really? Isn't that good? You? You watched her, right? It wasn't wasn't your husband addicted to it? Oh, yeah, he would. I mean, it was. It is probably on the top of his list of the best shows he's ever seen. And of course, I would sit there and watch it. I was like, it's not my kind of thing, and there was just It was so incredible. It was unbelievably written me. Not your kind of thing that Oh, you know what came from a drug a drug neighborhood when you were a kid, right? Nationalist didn't Staten Island you know? Now you can find if you don't find me watching a new show, I'll be watching some trashy reality show. I mean, that's basic. I go from one extreme to the other. And then, um, you know, I have to watch sports all day long. Why? Because my husband has it on. That's why I know so much about what's going on in sports because I'm Trapped. I don't watch anything. Actually, even the news. That's why I have no clue what's going on. It could be readily apparent from anyone listening to this show. By the way, What t V shows do you guys watch these days? Is there a good one out there? Oh, I'm addicted to my £600 life. I can't stop watching the show. It's a reality show of people who weigh over £600 and they're trying to, you know, not die and lose weight. It's a major investment each episode like a couple hours long, but I can't stop watching the family thinks I'm crazy. They all come home and they see me in front of the TV watching this thing, but I can't stop watching it. I admitted that I had I was addicted that about two years ago, I couldn't stop watching it. And finally I said, I got to give this up. What's the What's the joy in watching Because you root for these people? You just want them to. You know, get their life. Back together. They have so many struggles, and you want them to lose the weight. It's something I started. How do they move around? Well, that's that's part of the interesting part of watching this thing is they can't get out of bed can walk around, and it's first person narration, so that's kind of interesting. So Have to take the freight elevator and they stay in the hotel. They do, actually, sometimes. Yeah, Michael, don't laugh. It's not a joke. That's weird, Joe. I don't know. I'm not gonna watch such weird. Alright up next. Hey, The Delta strain of Covid is hitting the travel in the restaurant business is pretty hard and we got the, uh, the the new strain the move, strain, whatever that's called the muumuu strain. Are we ever going to get out of this covid thing? That's coming up next. I'm Cindy Weightman. With your wfor traffic..

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