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E Hall of Famer Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff passed away yesterday at the age of 71. One of the great villains in wrestling from the eighties. Think he was a tag team partner with Roddy Piper was he took on Mr T and Hulk Hogan and the very first WrestleMania. No word on the cause of death pretty clear. That he was suffering from some sort of dementia possibly caused by his time in the ring and opposed prior to his death, his son, Travis said. I hope the world will start to take notice of the brain damage and the consequences. Of this lifestyle. He added. He didn't blame wrestling because at the time quote no one knew this would happen. End quote. Pretty big star in the WWF in the eighties, then moved to the W W E He was one of the first. Now we've all wrestlers always been, for the most part, big guys, but he was one of the first in pro wrestling to have that super cut. Yeah. Yeah, I tended it. I used to love wrestling and not so much anymore. Uh, and I always tended to lean towards the bad guys. I like the bad guys. Farewell post to his dad, Travis said As much as many of you hated him as a wrestler, he absolutely loved you for it. And Paul Orndorff, Mr Wonderful. Is in the W W E Hall of Fame. Mr Wonderful Rest in.

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