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Dennis ABC NEWS Comeau News 1000 FM 97 7. Good evening. I'm Kelly Blair with the top local stories from the Coma. 24 7 News Center. Powerful 12. Punch of rain and wind are expected to deliver some challenges for utility crews come. Oh, Suzanne phone checked in with several neighborhoods in the region to hear how they're doing all across western Washington. Wind and rain are moving in fast and innovation. Uppers like no are braving the elements in the rain. Pretty steep angle right now. In west Seattle, Jackie Crumpler is not letting the rain stop her from doing a good deed for her neighborhood feels good to help out. That's all you know. Clean. Make sure it's clean for everybody else in the rain, not dampening anyone Spirits Saturday in Lake Force people and pets getting some exercise. Others are out and about for some fresh air. Perhaps a cup of Joe Brother Chai lattes, but others scrambling to beat the clock knowing what mother Nature had in store wind. Ah lot of it. That's cool. Most Suzanne phone reporting We're in for some severe weather this weekend. Western Washington and Oregon are going to get hit with strong winds, Widespread rain and heavy mountain snow. Sustained winds around the Puget Sound or expected between 20 and 30 MPH this weekend with gusts up to 55. It's already snowing on both Snoqualmie and Stevens pass and traction tires are advised or required. Two people were killed in a horrible accident along Highway 702 and Eighth Avenue East near Young this afternoon. The base sedan the victims were in had a missing window and had several strips of clear tape instead..

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