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Del w. T o P news time 9 48 traffic and weather together on the eights and when it breaks Jack Taylor's in the Traffic center. Right. Nick will start topping 3 95 in Virginia run into the district Mainline on the 14th Street Bridge can't see in the camera. But there's reports of a work sound possibly past mid span, but unclear left or right side of the roadway in Vienna, they'd had downed wires on old courthouse road. Old courthouse road is closed between Creek Crossing Road and God Snell Rodeo for under Find yourself under police direction Now it had some issues in Maryland on the Beltway topside outer loop stationary works on had been after Georgia Avenue. Two left lanes have been blocked. Now State Highway says they may have finished, but we still have a solid delay back toward New Hampshire Avenue on the outer loop of the Beltway, near the bottom of Washington Parkway crews had reported a mattress that had fallen down in the roadway was in the right lane on the inner loop as you had passed 4 50 getting beyond the Jon Hansen highway headed to Word Largo. There'd been mobile streets. We've been cruise along the right side of the roadway, getting moving again in about on the Clara Barton Park way before the clinical turn around the crash. Cleanup has the right lane getting by sign work inside the Beltway south on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. After 4 50 down toward 202. They're going to be in the right lane to work zones on to 70 down in Rockville in the main line before 28. Right lane of the main line, and the left lane of the locals are blocked with work. Then you have work South bound on the spur after Democracy Boulevard and that is blocking the left H O V lane. Now out of the Bay Bridge, two lanes east, two Lanes west Right now. The westbound span has a red X over the left lane. The 800 number does say it is preparation for two way operation, So we'll keep watching to see if they block Elaine on the eastbound side Outbound on the Suitland Parkway. There was an earlier crash on the ramp to Silver Hill Road. And you will find we're in pretty decent shape. You should make the ride between the Beltway's no delays on 95 or the Baltimore Washington Parkway for now, get incredible savings at Regency Furniture. Spectacular New Year's Celebration Sale Save 50 to 70% off Store wide plus, get a free gift with purchase at Regency Furniture. Jack Taylor. W T o p TRAFFIC. Let's check with Chuck Bell get the latest in our forecast Born in check, Hey, good morning, yet lots and lots and lots of clouds around the area. So far, most of the light snow chances are still confined to the northern neck of Virginia south of Colonial Beach..

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