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If i played in the little league world series i would bat three hundred really. You think so. You sent me to batting cage. That's three hundred. I thought i didn't wanna say like you know something ridiculous. Go go ridiculous. Go high in these pitches. Do we know like they throw in like the mid sixty some of them. I think fifties and sixties which is like the equivalent of like high eighties low nineties from the district. Only pitching four eight. Yeah because it's such a. It's such a shorter distance than a major league. It's that's why they do the equivalent they show you like. He's throwing this heart. It's the equivalent of ninety eight or something can i share a myopic olympic. Gripe that i have no now that the olympics have ended. But we're on the topic of baseball. So i was watching the gold medal game and it was driving me crazy because it's being broadcast in america. It's being it's an american broadcast team. It's clearly like. I don't know where it's being produced but pitch feeds coming out and kilometers per hour and i had no idea what the hell was going on. I didn't know how fast pitches were. I didn't know what was happening. Why couldn't we have done. The good ole mbh because the metric system right. Yeah but but it's being broadcast here. It's being done by american broadcasters. Why can't they just do the graphics with miles per hour. You myopic american though. I know i said it on the front end but but yeah that Not the ioc was hanan. The footage on that was named the klein. Laura's is calling the commodity. Nope learn kilometers. That's why they're in your car right now. If you go out to your car there's kilometers. Learn them yet but i was watching. You might carve as watch. My car could speed up to get the kilometers per hour. The pitch was thrown at the fast. I was driving. You guys ever accidentally changed your car thing for miles per hour to kilometers per hour and then you think you're driving miles per hour but it's in communist per hour so it feels like you're going really really fast but you're actually going pretty slow then. You're afraid you're speeding. And then you're like. I might crazy and then you realize you accidentally change the setting on your speedometer measuring kilometers per hour. That goes into that. Don't jessica my car. Sales stick stick. Yeah they both say at the same time. It's just like dial and another under it owes guam. What kind of you know rocket. are you driving. It's like an old car to drive a saab. don't you know saying. I'll be judged no matter what badges saying you feel like you have a saab. I do not have a saab but there's nothing wrong with a saab. No nothing at all. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the song. Just saying you drive assab not gonna lie. You saying you're going to get made fun of. I kinda wanna know you drive now. Audi volvo driving the ball guys having guest yet And you're never going to. I don't think you've ever even heard of saturn. So it's not going to be that alpha all right what he got it off. Okay come on mystery crate way. Congratulations oh thank you. Chris i mean jeez. Look at this guy. I mean we are your impressive. We're very proud of you woody. I'm impressive say that i've just. I'm doing a television broadcast. I look at you downplaying. It ray. Hudson how nervous. That's just one bit. That's the fun bit. i'm actually like i. I'm doing like a bit of film. Study almost to really figure out how to accommodate myself around. Ray hudson's stylings draped. Because like i've got to be done with my gold call quickly before it comes to the magisterial. I've got to be ready. So i'm i'm i'm preparing and then you gotta go in there and do like an also move with rabi like ray glad to be doing this. We listen we're going to have to take a little step back okay. But taking some belts they outright. I think this is what we're going to have to do here with this broadcast. And just remember on the main guy here. You're just filler. And see how that goes. Turn it down a notch me On on the somalis and the toronto the tarantulas down pants. Just a couple of notes here. Ray i've learned some things about your study about your broadcasting style and i have some notes chris. I want to analogize very quickly. I just want to apologize. Your skin looks great. Thank you i appreciate. That looks great listen. I don't think i'm ever getting to great. I was not blessing the gene pool in this area. So you know what i'll i'll settle for. Mediocre genes are crazy right. genes are wild thing biology. Yeah lot of wash so people wear jeans down here. Because it's so hot i agree. That's why i never wear your acid wash. She got the white cheese. I mean there's a lot of way too high for jeans seat at the. My face is way too hot for jeans roy. Perfect is dental. Doesn't breathe well. No what the other day. When i walked into the ocean those genes were the rest of the day terribly uncomfortable. You walked into the ocean. And in denham yeah had denim shorts on dorothy big mistake. Dangerous game i doing that again woody. We're so proud of you. And i'm sorry that dan was so rude to you this week but it really rolled off your back into that. I'm very impressed. Well you know. It's something that i've dealt with my whole life. I think it'll be dealing with in my entire life. If you're not going to the things that are wrong with you then. You're going to suffer a lot so around here you just choice. Better accepted right. Well that's the thing is if i. I think one of the mistakes that often gets made on the show is when people like reveal that their vulnerabilities are actually vulnerabilities. Because then that scab only gets picked further so I kind of say that. This doesn't really bother me then. Maybe you'll forget about what i try with the fat stuff. It's no hiding now though audi we're not bothered you though about your i feel like the.

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