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As with every public official should have passion match with principal fighting has been critical of Bloomberg ads featuring past comments from president Obama was not endorsed anyone a new Washington post ABC news poll gives Bernie Sanders the national lead in the democratic race sixteen points ahead of Biden with Bloomberg in third president trump meantime continues his west coast swing is in two states today on the John decker is live at the White House president trump tweeting internal real poll showing beating all of the democratic candidates the fake news poll so losing or tied their polls will be proven corrupt on November third the president today holding a major fundraiser in Rancho Mirage California hosted by oracle founder and chairman Larry Ellison tonight the president holding a campaign rally in Phoenix and twenty sixteen president trump beat Hillary Clinton by three and a half percentage point in Arizona and won the state's eleven electoral votes Democrats believe they have a chance of winning Arizona for the first time since Bill Clinton carried the state in nineteen ninety six Lisa thanks John getting word the jury is done for the J. at the Harvey Weinstein rape trial in New York it was day two of deliberations they have asked several questions and so far he has denied the charges of rape and sexual assault on one channel of one hundred sixteen points of the bell America is listening to Boston three W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go the break in the case thirty nine degrees cloudy and cold tonight tomorrow obsidian lawyer here's what's trending it for all to the four people charged with robbing and murdering for other people and it easy side were caught with the aid of eye witnesses in technology that allowed us to really kind of establish the links and really recreate it what individuals were doing on this particular night ride three Sanderson Cameron banks Desmond banks and lasted what kids are due in court Thursday to face murder and robbery charges says Marion County prosecutor Brian mir's what happened or where did we go wrong where people thought it was okay to literally kill someone by shooting multiple gunshots into their body says to stop these kinds of crimes a good start is holding people accountable which is his intention with the four arrested Chris Davis ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news dispatch don't bargain here's how they're helping Indy deal with increasing violence if you are charged with the gun crime it is not reduced to a non gun crime if you're charged with a gun crime you either go to trial in the gun crime are you plead guilty to that gun crime US of turning Josh makers it's easier to hold a suspect on federal charges and prison is mandatory with the conviction just two days after his Daytona five hundred crash NASCAR driver Ryan Newman has walked out of Halifax hospital rasping way racing tweeted an update saying he was fully alert and joking with staff friends and family you've probably seen a basketball game it took half an hour to play the last two minutes thanks to intentional files in time outs well a ball state professor believes he's found a way to avoid that that professor's name Nick anyone I'm John hurricane he's come up with what he calls the U. amending where you play the last part of the game without a clock in both teams played what target score if the game goes a little bit longer and it almost guarantee that it's because the drama is building you could see that format for next year's all star game which will be in Indianapolis John Herrick ninety three W. Y. B. C. mobile news your one minute away from traffic and weather it's four oh four no.

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