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That? Who would you have is your obviously, thank you. I am. I'm the opposite persuasion, which is that I've been into many feminist clubs you need a dictator. Sometimes you just need somebody who's going to be like, this is what we're reading this month, and I will brook. No, we're from. Vicky is for dictators. Yeah. I think we should actually just only have one prime minister ever, but they have to corral. Whatever party gets elected. Oh. Approach with Megan be prime minister. But she might have to lead the conservatives. You know? I love it could be in power for for a long time. I like messy politics say all right? Well, that's it for this show this week. Thank you so much to our guest. Justin, Ling, and my coho, Sarah. Bozo Justin how can people keep up with you? Me just underscore leg on Twitter foamy. They're saving things that me there at Serra, Bose volunteer. I'm always sort of sharing photos of my dog. That's about all I do these days very cute dog. So this sodas recorded vocal fry studios and produced by the amazing door says let me you can find us on itunes by going to. It's a safe space dot com. Please leave us a rating and review if you like the show because we love hearing what you have to say you can also get in touch with us on Twitter at it's a safe space, and you can get in touch with me on Twitter at trauma safe-space comes out every Friday until next week. Stacey.

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