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Draft it's more difficult than ever because of the nature of college offenses right now it was it is that Martin drafty old L. Beckham draft yes Harvey was right ultimately he turned out to be on a percent rise it's no doubt about it so for you to think about I think this is the beauty of what we do and something I think Harvey loves Harvey calls us a lot he's a regular user yeah and he before the draft that year said I want sack Martin I want to act more and they end up drafting dell and we would almost bust on a little bit saying Hey you know Zack Morris great put look at data look at the talent and he would he would consistently say I still wanted Jack Martin yes the years go by early was proven correct this out about that now we sit here on this day on day on March thirteenth Friday the thirteenth Williamson's twenty twenty well and he was right part of present Harvey was right it took a long time maybe for some to see that he was right but he turned out to be ultimately right yes but you know what look signing free agents to build an offense of line isn't easy but neither is drafted I mean nothing is a sure thing and what Dallas did over the years give them a lot of credit really good offense and and and to get as good as their offensive line is bad it hasn't gotten into a Superbowl yeah no we know that yeah that we don't know yep what a what a perfect movies we complement Dallas but also take a knock at the Dallas Cowboys and we welcome in Ozzie in Woodbridge yes and my feeling and Ozzy my feeling for the cowboys has changed dramatically over the years I don't know if you noticed but I just started crying well I used to hate it I absolutely could not stand the cowboys and now and now I a lot of it is because the relationship I. now have would Michael Irvin and the fact that you know I look at the end I'll put it this way all of you you can review of all vehicle Yabe Ozzie you could read between the different intelligence levels well whatever you can read between the lines but my view of the NFC east the user I'll leave it at that you understand what I mean are you indifferent toward aboard let's just say that Mike are going for the giants has changed so therefore my feeling for the cowboys has changed and as I said the Michael urban situation the fact that I have a little bit of a relationship with Michael I mean we use on the show every week we text back and forth a lot so the it's kind of like I I don't have this hatred how boys are you staff will even the card out of tape it Joe okay for what that is you know America Floyd I I I I think right now my goal or dreams especially in the urban habits Smith Aikman teams I couldn't stand up I'll say that anyway dominate the Nobel short list at your seat which I would not have left court of course I would watch in the hat and a half you know if they have the Saint John Craig and they didn't come out for the second half I thought to myself well boy this is this is going to be difficult but but let me make a positive out of it I think you know what I'm not going to drink beer and so forth comes back is that right yeah we invite good you know beer and sport I think right but now I realize that I can't I need beer I like to get through that because my wife already welcome to Walmart you'll be I can't do that over the whole the there you go I see I was able to give you a very big them to cut you off because your phone is you know is at odds he making it sound like it's the wind yeah unfortunately okay I'm gonna give us a very big compliment and you don't have to worry me Joe you could say I'm wrong I think in this time without sports odds he is becoming an even more important part of our radio show yes he calls right becoming even more essential there could be good because it is an element of comic relief with Ozzy yeah yes so how does he continue to work on that material because back in the day we would chuckle we would cut you off with right on it right now you are becoming an important staple we all as a society socially distance ourselves we need Ozzy to help was entertaining you know who else we need guys who sat down in queens you were always in the heavy PO nine ten thirty two still arguing over the Q. three Jim rice in nineteen seventy eight Alan Alda hero we need regal going at that Allen usually nonsense we don't let down call every single day maybe give me a couple days off I think we own band that every single day so he could just bring up a random here right and we could spend a few minutes laughing and debating that M. B. he's ticked off about it right now he five should be guided ninety fifty nine you know exactly just saying exactly but I go on Robert here in the afternoon until six this is tiki barber with the radio dot com sports minute the dominoes continue to fall the wall the sport because of the novel coronavirus with the story of the masters golf tournament being postponed this is really set in motion by Utah jazz big man who killed their testing positive for covert nineteen the public reaction was strong because of the visual of Gobir politely robbing his hands on the microphones of the assembled press for a few days ago bear sincerely apologize the next day but the fact that the players actually in the arena and not just the fans could be impacted by this fire started happily into believing cancellation around the sports world in some ways as stupid as ruby's actions were he opened all of our eyes the dangers of the virus it's going to suck for all of us for the next.

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