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Orange County radio station. Reopened roads. I'm Amy King Live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. North Carolina officials say they have opened a major route into the city of Wilmington had previously been cut off by flooding from Florence officials had been making plans to airlift supplies to the area. Hurricane Florence is. Now, a tropical, depression and is spread over six states. Flooding is expected to peak today in parts of North Carolina on so county emergency services director Norman Bryson says it's the worst disaster for the state since hurricane Hazel in nineteen fifty four. We've had people on top of the roofs of the cars, they drove into flooded roadways. We're going and picking them off the roofs of their cars with helicopters. We have had people who have been on top of their houses at least eighteen deaths. Have been blamed on the storm. The mayor of a town in the Philippines. Hit hard by typhoon says it is not likely any of the forty to fifty people thought buried in a huge landslide will be found alive. The massive amount of mud and debris covered a chapel where the people had taken shelter. The typhoon has killed at least sixty five people since it tore through the Philippines over the weekend. Mcdonald's workers in Los Angeles cooks and cashiers will be walking off the job tomorrow to protest sexual harassment at work. The workers are calling on McDonald's to form a committee to study widespread harassment claims workers plan to walk out in nine other cities around the US police in Glendale say guitar teacher accused of molesting boy might have done it to others Glendale PD is asking people to come forward with any information about harm meek have urging it then he was arrested last month for allegedly touching an eleven year old inappropriately while giving a guitar lesson. At the new generation's music school man and Arizona been arrested because caregivers say he faked having mental disabilities like down syndrome. So they'd changed his diapers. Police say the man who worked as a school crossing guard has a diaper fetish would find caretakers on line by posing as the mother of a man with special needs someone got suspicious when the man asked. A caregiver to take a shower with him. And you study says college students have suicide on the brain. A new study by Harvard Medical School says students are experiencing more stress and feel the obstacles they face can't be overcome. The study found one in five college students thinks about suicide. The study looked at more than sixty seven thousand college students and found that while racial or ethnic and sexual or gender minorities are especially vulnerable high rates for stress events, mental health diagnosis, and the risk of suicide or suicidal thoughts were reported among all students surveyed in two thousand sixteen forty five thousand Americans killed themselves. Julius later KFI news nearly one in eleven US students have used marijuana in e cigarettes electric cigarettes, typically contain nicotine, but a school based study results show that two million middle and high school students have used the devices to get high US health regulators recently gave the five largest e cig maker sixty days to come up with plans to stop.

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