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Roll our finalists included a drum roll here. I assume or maybe something else. I don't know surprise me. Editing Stephen this is the stand verses the Shining Oh oh what a star studded cast and by the way. We're not timing this one. This one goes into. We have an answer. This is a year of our lives devoted to this question which is better. And you know I'm GonNa make this hard on you 'cause I know we disagree because I I am GonNa GonNa answer shining to I have to. It's the shining man shining. It is the shining. It's so okay let me let me lay out the literary qualities that I think make the shining the correct answer here right. You have a really solid all. Id Narrative Hook. You have this family. They're isolated. It's a little bit about cabin fever. You have all of these really amazing amazing literary parallels. You've got the Donner Party. You've got the like mask of the Red Death you've got in some ways. Haunting of Hill House is a major influence. Even though it's not really named its chest. Such an amalgamation of excellent horror and literary literary tropes and his sophomore novel. It's the second one notes not now I thought is it third third okay. It's his junior junior novel. This novel can go to Prom. It's allowed to tell you what I tell you what. Here's where. Hi Matt here's where I'm at. The stand is not just my favorite Steven King Book Book Right. Yeah yet we. We set up the rules earlier where the rules were reducing this based on what we would recommend. Oh you right now the stab. How is amazing? It's hard to recommend thousand pages isn't it. It's an undertaking and the payoff is is in the process not in the build he asked the Ending orgasmic like I. I think it's literally inexplicable. It's literally an explosion. I think I think the shining is gonNA win based on that criteria now I do want want. It's hard though because that's not how we judge everything else I mean don't want I definitely did. I certainly had that in my whole time. I just I don't know man it's is freaking me out that you're not I know you're in a haunted location right now and he wanted to get the hell out of air bud. That's not part of it out of this world Also let's let's pretend we're doing it on a different level. Is it the horror because the shining the horror is better. Is it the characters. I don't know I kind of think Jack Torrance might be the most compelling character out of the bunch. The stand is personally important to me. It has the Christian themes I you want it has the Americana I want has the folk music I need but if I have to tell someone to their face you need to read this book they might not like the stand they might not be. That might not be what they're looking for but the shiny as what you're looking for the shining for me the thing that clinches the shining as winning this whole Fang and this is such a non sequitur but bear with me is the God damn seen when the elevator comes down. Jack Torrance insists that it's nothing and Wendy pulls out fistfuls of Confetti and says is this this nothing somehow that scene is more compelling to me then literally anything else. We have read this year a year. Because there's something in the power of this embattled woman who's just trying to do the best for her family which is falling apart at the seams because they're trapped in a supernatural mansion and throwing it in the face of her abuser. I think I think it's because it's fathomable like this and isn't fathomable everyone. You love dying whatever but to. Let's say you and I were in a hotel in Denver and you thought things things were getting spooky and the elevator came down a modern elevator and we thought we were alone and it was full of party supplies. Yeah you would yeah you would have a heart attack and die the rate there I would put myself and then my heart would stop in that order order it would definitely have been in the other because pins with a mouse so I yeah I think we have our answer. I think we gotta give it to the shining. That's what I think. All right ring. That final donal bell. Thank everyone for joining us. For his Halloween's butacular and for joining us for this year. We never knew we were going to get this many people listening. We never realized we're GONNA and a half this much of a fan base and thank you so much for being with us. Yeah we're deeply touched and we're happy that we are encouraging new guys to go back and read read the hell out of some of the Stephen King Cannon. This has been what a year. What a year guys man? What a along? I'd like to give a shoutout to Daniel soft or helping neces- social media. Yep I would like to thank Michaela Fishman. whose graphic design has been a guiding light for us us to Monica Chen? Who did our posters? I would like to thank our library policeman who can now officially say. Hey Brian thank you. A shout twenty Magistrelli Australia for his continued support. We'd like to shout out the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation. The work you're doing up in Maine is amazing If you're going to check out anything in the weeks that we are not here if you're like man I'm bored because I don't have my weekly podcast fix. Go check out the Stephen King Foundation. Maybe donate some money to them wake. They're doing awesome work. Shout outs. y'All in thank you Steven. Hey Phoenix thank you. This has has been crazy in three weeks. We will be returning with season. Two that is going to be starting off with the Tommy knockers and then the week directly after will be doing part to on that that's just a two-parter get it read. It's notoriously one of his weirder books and Stephen King writes some weird goddamn books. So you know it's up there. Is there anything else that you have or a week closing out the season. I'm going to get the cat up. Glastonbury Vermont Oh man. Yeah and if you don't hear from us that's because Phoenix was eaten by guests by by everyone. Happy Halloween. Happy Halloween.

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