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From looking me up on the internet right so they were really raised. Not in this world that kind of thought patterns at all and yet both of them very early in life recalled. You know where they were before they came to us. And so you know. I've kind of again sort of just heave the signs that well. Apparently when you're finished up with one story the one year on now then you go through some incomprehensible process and as i gather. You're back on another story line and so life is story but when you're at less than the story or immersed in it it's hard to get out of that framework and even if you do a little bit like i said then something comes up you get hungry or a brick walls on your or so. It's kind set up to come at us so relentlessly that it's hard to maintain this perspective but it's an illusion although as soon as you start thinking about it in the damn you realize is an allusion. Yeah very persistent illusion. But i love this theme of life as story and this relates to something. I was going to ask you about another somewhat rare quality that can accompany a near death. Experience is the phenomenon of the flash forward where a person doesn't just see a life review. They see parts of their future. They see the year they'll get married or the house that they'll settle in very strange and i wonder what happens if you fight those flash forwards. Let's say you recognize this house from your experience and you intentionally say nope. I am not buying that house. I saw flash forward. I'm not doing it. Or what have you tell your beyond say. Hey we have to wait a year. Because i know i'm supposed to get married at twenty eight. I want to get married at twenty nine. Because i'm just that rebellious i'm curious. How fixed are these flash forwards that ever been looked at. How fixed are they again. I thought a lot about that. And i don't know. Is it more like one of the old kind of records. You know the forty fives. Or whatever the needle drops. Then the groove. And then this just gonna play or in the midst of it. Is there some way we can shift. And the answer is i just don't know maybe linear time is an illusion and these things have already happened or happening all at once and that just like the material world the time itself is also an illusion. You can't change it because it's already just occurred. You're only getting a glimpse of the end of the story but the story is the story. Yeah that one operates pretty much. Time is something suspicious about it and you know as an undergraduate philosophy student you learn all about this like how khan said time is not really out. there is just part of the framework of our experience. We're like that makes experience possible. Or aristotle made a great comedy that you know think about time he said it's just so weird he said the past that doesn't exist and the future that doesn't exist either and the so called present while you can't even catch that you know i mean it doesn't stay long enough to observe it and so there's something very peculiar about the notion of time which is exactly what people with near death experiences. Say they say as soon as you're over there there's no such thing time or space as we appreciate it. You're just an entirely different framework of reality in which the coordinate points at least according to have heard this from a lot of people with near death experiences but my friend. Dr eban alexander. Who was a wonderful man. A neurosurgeon formerly at.

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