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To resurface sections of the 101 seven ten and fourteen freeways over the next ten years the state says the money will pay for repairs to seventeen thousand miles of freeway eric leonard kfi news helicopters crashlanded close to where the one one and 405 meet in nevada helicopter came down just a block north of the 101 free way it hit on a neighborhood street right next to houses la fire battalion chief daniel curry says four people inside the helicopter survived we could probably commend the pilot on a a really good job of avoiding structures a residents was home a neighbor says he thought it was a freeway crash it sounded like a huge look a truck or something it boom officials are now trying to figure out what went wrong with a helicopter ensure mynogue's andrew mullin back kfi news white house spokesman sean spicer has quit six months into the job sarah huckabee sanders is taking over she read a statement from president trump about spicer's resignation i wish him continued success as he moves on to pursue new opportunities just look at him it's great television ratings spicer gone a lot of tv coverage on the news as well as a send up by melissa mccarthy on saturday night live for his aggressive style spicer will stay on through august he tweeted it as been an honor and privilege to serve police in daytona beach say they have the same carthy four times in six weeks the latest happen when the guy cut off an ankle monitor and took off in a stolen car police chief craig caprice says dealing with this thief is different because he's ten ruin his group last lasmo kurban from four with annual let's get involved the like fifteen and sixteen year olds the first time the kid was arrested was in june when he stole the car and parked outside a target store cops found him inside news.

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