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Bill Buckley the question when I started as a columnist with the master agreement so I know with the common question asking how do you come up with two or three things to write about they also the made the world. twice a week. the world your deeds amuses picks my curiosity more than twice a week there has never been a day. in my room was fifty years as a cop mistook that I haven't had three or four things I want to write about that. coming up with topics is easiest like and if you don't care. don't do this with any damn fool can right seven hundred fifty words about an exact reckoning damn fools do source I can tell but to do it right. to do it with a high level of excellence of literary flair thanks for. you're not a damn fool I think I can posit that when we come back from this last break I've I would be remiss if I didn't ask you about the totality of what is going on in our country right now at this particular moment here in American I would love to get your thoughts if you do that for. my guess right now is George will the new book is the conservative sensibility more with George will in just a moment this is the mark Kelly show coming to you from Washington DC KFI am six forty and I heart radio now to the news from for an update hi Michael have a lively KFI twenty four hour news from a federal judge in the LA is blocking the trump administration from detaining illegal immigrant kids for as long as they want under the floor is agreement migrant children can only be in the tents for twenty days the justice department plans to appeal cops in Korea town looking for two men in the shooting death of a man found wounded in a rear stairway of an apartment building on south Sereno Avenue we got the call the shooting around three fifteen this morning man shot died at a hospital the mentally said they're looking for took off in a white sedan a horse named M. tech has been put out of the server and either park racetrack and took early at two broken front limbs and was euthanized after the eighth race today the cold the first force the diets and I need to since the fall season started yesterday is a thirty.

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