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Decided the higher Kevin forces from Wisconsin Green Bay, he took over and 7 4000 and central Michigan did the same by hiring the previous most successful coach in Michigan history. Sue Guevara, who spent seven seasons in Ann Arbor. And a lot of the things the Wolverines did in the late nineties. Early two thousands where program best up until this Most recent run under head coach Kim Barnes, a Rico and started with the hiring of Kevin Borsa, who turned Michigan around But Guevara did the same thing. The central As we get back to action, they will tell the story as we go along. Here's Kelly over to Molly Davis Davis. Nice past left side, Graber and she's gonna draw the foul against Hailey Browne. That'll give Sydney Graber Chance to go to the line for the first time, and that's the first foul on Hailey Browne Navarro took over a central Michigan team in 2007 that was coming off a Six and 23 season. And for 12 years, Guevara was at the helm of the chip wall program. It took a couple of years to turn it around. Draper's first free throw up and good. When she did, boy did Central take off. They want five of the last six Mac championships. While she was the head coach in mount Pleasant, or overall record at Central 231 in 156, and she went out after that. 2018 19 season. Graber missing Michigan on the run. And they get a quick bucket in transition from a Ken Ray Johnson. So Johnson now with nine And Michigan with its largest lead of 11, 29 18. Kelly. Excited goes to Callie Martinez. She'll step back Fire a three on the right wing No Hillman with another board. She just owns the glass. When she's in there. Wolverine ball. 6 10 to go. Second quarter they lead by 11. Here's Rouch wing, right? And yell with the dribble around the screen from Hillman. Top of the circles now left wing seed or Hillman comes to get at the elbow. Confer. Hailey Browne inside. It's not their shoulders. Put it on the floor. Drive herself right side of the late nights. Hillman. Yes. 13 in eight in the 1st 14 minutes for a helmet. Here's Martinez off a quick transition three in the corner, good for central Charlie Martinez. Pulls the chips back within 10 31 21. There is Hillman and we've got a whistle in an offensive foul called against Knives. So that's significant in that. That is her second. And I would think perhaps that's gonna pull now's Hillman out of this game for the Wolverines. With 5 37 to go in the first half. Woman for now will stay in there with the two whistles. Kelly Martinez. Meanwhile, subs out for Central replaced by Kira bustle. 31 21. Wolverines. With the lead here is Graber. And off to Kelly Johnson, who's had the responsibility of guarding Makayla Kelly today. Over the Davis tries to spin away from Rouch double team give to bustle. Would help by Michigan bustle forced to skip it back out to Kelly, who finds a lane drives it home and has her shot blocked by Hayley Brown, but a foul I'll say Haley got the body on Makayla Kelly at the bottom, and she drove And that will be two now on Hailey Browne, and that is five fouls on Michigan, the periods of Central's in the bonus for the final 509 of this period. Kelly, who got to the line 162 times a year ago. An average of 5.5 free throws per game first trip to the line today. She was 81% of your going makes the first Give our left after that 2018 19 season That was after central going 30 and five made it to the sweet 16 upset Ohio State in the second round of the tournament to.

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