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Well to and other airports so listen. I'M NOT GONNA lie space right now but the thing is I'm so glad we're recording. But the thing is I know I'd be like a welcome to yet another episode and I'm like Bro. I'm so sick of hearing. Welcome to yet another episode because and that was what you came up with in its place saying that so I'll go with who these Balkan in these vocals hit in any way. Welcome to another episode of mother. Fucking horrible decisions. This Girl Mandy Aka pit the Stallion Aka pet that pussy. Cause a Hobie playing with my Pussy Pussy all day every day so shout out to all the cat lovers out there. There is a community that I have become a part of that I was not ready for and I'm with my co-host my bet don't laugh. This bitch am not Carol Baskin. My name is we see and I am childless. I hold you. I literally was just like ooh these. These states is lifting like allowing people to like go back to regular life and although I want to hop on a flight immediately. I'm like fuck. I can't leave my marquette in promoting a couple days so I'm looking at like how to fly my cat out with me and looking at the call niggers my gets blown out binding all the time and she'd be like Ab bringing ammo. The fucking cat at the brain this cat. I come extra Pussy Nigga. What's good one? Twenty five of Wall Wall. We may be discussing threesomes later on in this episode. I hope my negatives not WanNa fuck me and my other pussy. 'cause I'm not into the you know what I mean like. I think you're and if he's in the south he's going to jail. I. I don't wait send you to jail though I know our no yeah. It's animal okay. You guys here going to jail you guys here to other voices and I want to give a solid round of applause and welcome because we are doing a cocktail horrible decisions mashups so I would like to introduce. Finally linked from the COP thirty discussions. Podcasts would so cool cats and Kim. I'm so glad to have you guys here. We have friends and peers long. I'm Ki Ki and Medina. Where part of our first live show in Always always told them the horrible decisions of. At L. Like I feel like you know and also shutout to Kiki. I know you helped me with kids. with the Christmas gifts and shit like that and Medina like I just really. I love what you guys are doing. And we're just so glad to finally have you on. I just can't believe it took to fucking years notion. Also y'all are like the black versions of both because y'all know Mapa wants to really claim black because we biracial over here so I don't know what your mother fuckers question our blackness all the fucking time so we got Medina by grant who was our guest last week is thinking about getting a cat and also everyone who is sent me like cat. Tips and tricks. They are black. Black people own cats bro. It's a different kind though. What what the crazy thing is. I'm thinking about getting kids into like I thought about it during the quarantine. Okay can I ask all of you? All's opinion so I've been asked on twitter and instagram. Now they want me to make an instagram for Bodey. No DOUBT DUE WAY DOWN. We far making paint because his story is so beautiful. You got him from the streets. I really story so beautiful. Capper twenty dollars off at Braquet. Kitty who I wanted to show you guys a lady. I work with. Oh Damn can I tell you? We're recording so we found out my old co workers and they were like y'all so and so hit us up. Go check out her instagram. This IS ISLA. Jit thought this is GONNA be Manny. Manny didn't have a cat yet. This is our g down Congo. I know I I like body in my story. But he hasn't made my feet it. Okay why is he gonNA have an Instagram? So his name is Bodey. Because I figure he from the Bronx right so you lowered Hilo Ratchet so it just made me think of a Bodega and so. It's a nickname for Bodega. So boaty DOTS. Yeah yeah because he's talking hood rat and I'm fed up already. I don't know how these mother fuckers have children. He's a hike y'all spit whole humans out of your vagina. That annoy you to this extent. I couldn't imagine who does. I don't know people who have kids. done okay. How kids over here about hot tails? Yeah I guess. Tell us about cocktails your sexual orientation well cocktails discussions we talk about sex. Ours is less educational than Y'all's more about us just sharing our experiences telling stories. Sometimes we get drunk on the show and that's very very very personal. Almost too personal to the point where Brad I was doing to my shall we talk about relationships. All types of relationships relationships friendships all types of relationships. You can think of. I like men and women I don't want to marry a woman to marry a man but I do like aimlessly. Now you know I just kind of go with whatever I feel like that day. I like it all marriage Mariama. I've never dated a woman. I don't think I would actually date a woman. I think it's more fun with Jazz. Have sex with or flers. Okay well I mean I guess I think a lot of people always say that when when they tell me bisexual. Well I wouldn't be with a woman I'm like sexual orientation we'll see. I don't know why I think you're on your different on the scale. You're absolutely by so like we've talked about our show. I don't know if you guys have heard of it. But kinsley scale friends introduced me to it. shelter Christopher and basically. It's an eight love like eight levels but one side is more Hetero one side is more homosexual and you can change by day you can change. Seasonally maybe quarantine. We'll have you a little more game so speaking of Corentin. Normally we do icebreakers. I guess but I wanted to kind of open up and do kind of an icebreaker slash catch up and talk about what sex has been like during quarantine for all four of us so me and Kike actually have stories but before we get there. I did want to ask Medina. Are you single? And if you're not. Are you having sex during corn team so I am single. I thought that I was going to be having so much quarantine that I didn't know what to do with like are you couldn't tell me nothing like my team was just really built up. Y'All quarantine came and I got quarantine the first two days of it and that Nigga just D- like he just totally did a whole smooth hit and quit like we were in fucking high school. I was so fucking mad. I await like he goes to Jewish. There my ass like just go. How you ghosted on quarantine and I weigh on live and had a whole ramp. We talked about it on the show. Like I know you off the show and I sent him the clip because I was so offended like how you get in quick during quarantine you sent him. The me talking from the podcast. He replied didn't apply for a couple of days but then he sent me a message and said that he was having technical difficult. It was dumb shit. Technical difficulties is so busy. How you say you so busy during a Corinthian with America's like no a musical engineer at the studios is closed my negative visa music. I was GONNA say maybe dude my my old job my position that I was in there working so much harder. Because it's I used to work on Internet right like sales engineering. So like they're working justice fucking hard so I was like we'll be engineer. Maybe but not just buying more. I was Gonna say even for me. I used to be an accountant and I reached out to my old CO workers. And they've been working even weekends so seven days a week I worked in the Tax Department and even though taxes got pushed to July they still are working like busy season And I'm sure it's taking you longer to do things at home than it does in the workspace just because working from home just has your mind in a completely different place relaxed place so we the what about so okay. So Medina's out here getting ghosted Daring Quarantine We has there been any change with you and your relationship with sex during quarantine. Now I think we're just doing the same she it but there's been a change with me. Nigga. I'm like convinced now so I went for a walk. Start talking to the guy outside because we had the same shoes on random. He's like so then he starts telling me how he works for ticketmaster. I was like Oh my God while I'm a podcast or cancel. He shows and he said that everybody is not expecting to be back up and running till twenty twenty two and twenty twenty one. I thought that morning got a call from my old boss was like listen. He follows me instagram. Now he's like. I know you're not working. Do you WanNa come in as an implementation engineer. Because we're actually busier and I actually need somebody again. I was like no I. I'm GonNa take care of myself. I could take care of myself for like a year. So for what twenty? Let me get back but I think it's just I'm I duNNo. I'm feeling stuck boyfriends. But helping me through it but I've been working on something Just a project is writing and now they love it and the network there wanted like we will make a quarantine version of and I'm like I'm good on waiting. I don't give a fuck Nigga think I did nothing? I don't WanNa Quarantine version the no. We'll send you equipment. I don't want equipment. I want someone else to do it. I'm not about to say my pardon me when I've been working for months making shit to then do it on a Webcam. No this is really the reality now. Yeah it's crazy like for for just podcast is like thinking of okay. I know certain states are opening backup so studios maybe opening up because they're not like large event venues but even figuring out how we're going to continue putting out quality through fucking. The Internet is hard because things just operate differently on Wifi especially because everyone is on their WIFI. So I guess I'll share my story and then we'll get into Kiki's Kiki's story leads to another discussion but for me. I WANNA shout out to Daniels and W he reached out to me last minute and I had the opportunity to host a virtual orgy which is something we have talked about on here and I just wanted to share with you. How interesting it was they had A. Dj I just WanNa paint the picture for you guys. I also WANNA shout out to do hostess about the paint. The picture bitch. 'cause I ain't GONNA lie. I know you and I talked about doing it. Shout Daniel. It's a lot of fucking work. I'M NOT GONNA hold you to host like to be on the back end producing it but so as the host. I pretty much like job they. Hey guys welcome to the welcome to tonight. This is the DJ the DJ was spinning while also had his girlfriend in lingerie like doing these crazy moves but then literally by the middle of it the DJ was fingering in fucking his girlfriend while playing tunes. Then me as the host. I got everyone comfortable so I would like. We let people get into the room so there was about fifty people total in the room. Probably about fifty six or fifty eight because there was at least about four couples But then I just started with a game of truth or dare so you have to raise your hand whether you were willing to be on camera because at any given point only four people could show on the camera. So yeah so. It's a lot of watching and you have to raise your hand to be shown to the crowd but when you're shown to the crowd you also know that at least forty or fifty people are watching you. So here's what we got to watch. We watched a couple do wax play where the guy burned candle and dropped wax onto her ass and you saw her shake every time. The WAX volunteer her ass. We had one girl shoutout to aqua diva. I guess she's a dancer. She got on the poll. I was able to request a song. She took all of my cash money. It was only. It was only seventeen dollars of the balanced left but I still gave her that. Seventeen dollars the balance. It was the balance I was giving her my cash dollars then. We had another couple shoutout to them because they are horrible decisions listeners..

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