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A gendered character in that or confused. Yeah, but he's not overly masculine or feminine depending on the scene in that movie. But in the other movies in like heat, he's kind of like a real man's man in that movie, and he's girl the current Debord. Yeah, he's a great character actor. I love him, but he, he's one of those people that I feel like if I met him, I would be scared of him. He seems intimidating to me because he's seems like a method actor of some kind, but I don't even know if that's true on monk. Yes. All thirty seasons of. But yeah, that would be an amazing interview and she to work with the dog too. The dog who we recently learned over the other films that the dog was treated about, see if I can find that. What was it. While we talk, but silence of the lambs is like one of those icon ick movies that absolutely fits on the list of I was there two movies that it's that's a bummer apps. There's no one else from that film who quite fits that role in the same way. Maybe this the guy in the cell next door for multiple megs. Multiple megs. Yeah. So this dog darla was in silence of the lambs Batman returns and the burbs. But. Alive. No, it looks like penguins penguins, like side kick ladies dog. I but darla can't be alive, right. Listen, these dogs live a long time when was Batman returns was like ninety early nineties and silence of the lambs was late eighties. Yeah, that's true. That'd be very old dog recipe Stara. Someone said, I was there pooch, but like t. h. e. I r.. Was there good. I didn't even realize the their pun when she. Yeah, yeah, man, I would love to talk. That's a good one. That's a good one there are. I know I had tried to get for you. This is when you first started the podcast I was working with a woman. We were in a writer's room, whose aunt was the nanny in the omen? Right? And I got so excited about because I wanted to hear that story and she sort of had that same reaction that was like at seems I'm going to be made fun of. I'm not really comfortable, and she's still an actor and and it wasn't a who's Julie's connection, your Julie's connection for planet of the. Yes, that's right. Same sort of thing. I think they were like first of all, what Kate, I believe so I think she it was. It was my wife's friend's mother? Yes. Was in the original plan of the sequels. Yeah. Well, I don't know. I couldn't get it out of her. She was like, she was like very wary of me. I think also people don't know what a podcast is there, like, what is this thing I'm being interviewed for in the first place? Like that's the first barrier sometimes, especially if a certain generation? Yeah, exactly. I know my mom, I'm at four hundred of the writers panel. My mom's still ask. And do I hear your voice on all of them. I've been doing for twelve years and my sister-in-law started a wedding podcast, and that's what got my family to listen. And this was recently. I should talk to my mom about starting podcast. You should. Another one that got away was heart Buckner from diehard who played Ellis coke addled office made of Holly, and he was so nice. I was going back and forth with him. And then he goes okay over to my reps to set it up and they immediately shut it down. And I don't know if that was them going like we're not. You're not bothering with this or him going like I'm going to be nice to him and then tell my reps. I don't want to do this and had that the bad guys. Which, again, no hard feelings. I would understand. It's actually a nice way to do it. Yeah, I would probably do it that way too, but that's, that's an interesting thing which I also deal with on the writers panel is like, how often do you have to go through reps?.

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