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Hello and welcome to the week to everything a podcast about everything. I'm one of your host Tom Tim Tim. How're you doing this week? No time to hear how I'm doing. I know that you have things that so you need to talk to you. Know there's there's breaking news as as we record team. This isn't the Sabbath this happened. A few tastes go. Forget it but it. It's breaking news to me are you. Do you know the actor. Burt Ward. Of course. I Know Port Burt Ward but I I would guess. Ninety percent of our audience does not. Yeah so who would couple of dopes couple of numskulls. You know what I got depressed earlier. Okay ongoing research earlier this decade that. There's my knowledge is worth Shit. Yeah everything that I know about. I take pride in everything that I know about It's all a bunch of useless useless knowledge and then I watch this jeopardy thing tournament of champions or even normal jeopardy. They're even team jeopardy and they don't even ask questions about the episodes of Alf or cheers spin offs or anything like that. Yeah but you do this educational podcast. That's true true as far as the sponsors. This is an educational podcast where people listen and learn. Tim healings belief Eddie many listeners. We have skype. Who Burt Ward is? You're not the described. Just say Julia. TV's Robin Yeah Well Not TV's current Robin Robin Robin Leach. No Robin Leach is dead. You know lifestyles of the rich and famous isn't even like a cultural touchstone anymore for kids. Yeah I I understand in that. I think the last time I saw that show when I was ten years old. That's the one of the things that I get who I never do it to people younger because there is nothing and to this day. There's nothing I hate more than when somebody's like Like a came and think of an example. Who's the guy that does the worst I agree? Who hosted the tonight show before Johnny Carson par then? Yeah when when you don't know Steve Allen Jackpot it's like no. I was born thirty years after that person died. Or whatever you own kids nowadays. They don't they. Don't respect the classics one. One time I was at a a a weekend away then it sounds like a sex camp. We're it's right on spot. How dare you? I was away with my wife and her family at a Lake House. I like her extended family right. And there are all these people who are older than me right there her parents and and we were also under the impression that that You were actually a little older than your wife's father you know. That's not out of the ordinary. The that happens in look. We don't Jugo. I've heard this is come on so it was kind of awkward anyway No these people had that you're live. People are thirty years my senior Tom. Okay jeepers creepers And it came up. They were talking about the show bosom buddies right and cures. These are people that that were I just got with that Pun is yeah is it a pun. Yeah because they're they've fig bosoms in the show. Yeah what is a bosom buddy. Deeds that dress up like women. was that where the phrase comes from. I don't. I've never seen seen an episode of Bosom Buddies but what I do know is that it was in the early eighties and it has Hanks and friend of the show. Billy Joel does opening theme song. Yeah it was it wasn't it wasn't the actual and I say did it. I mean he wrote it but so there are all these people who were around like. I was at best a a baby an infant when this show is on on television. Yeah but they're all Tom Hanks was in a TV show when he was when he he was younger because they were talking about. Sitting there at this big long table as you're thinking of family ties problem. I know it's bosom buddies. It's weird that they're wracking. Their brains are relative married at a closeted closeted old man. That's afraid they make like what is up with this Weirdo. He is he. I talked with them about other things that he's not knowledgeable college -able anything looks like. He's in his thirties but he has the knowledge of a man who's much older and he's going to pull this this Sitcom from nineteen eighty one. Even the claims he was born a year later and And even if you know he was a child at the time right and VCR's were not widespread yet now his before VCR technology algae so eventually they got to bosom buddies and there were like for the regular wasn't before VCR technology. It was just before his widespread. Yeah of course very expensive. Yeah that was during the view the VHS and Beta wars and he's walking that's at the Museum of the moving image in its Beta. And I was like man the world would have been different than that it would have been that different. Proudly that industry would have been today bay. Come up to you in the museum and say look at this. I Beta looking at a Beta that the insult doing anyway so anyway they got to. They finally after ten minutes bosom buddies all right. That's over now. I don't have to be like it dying in here. Like jumping out of my and then they're like Tom Hanks. And who is the other guy I think it was somebody in a man of such Jesse. Peter Scolari somebody please. Let's just say I don't know I don't think anything ever. I don't think he ever did anything after that. You Know Peter. School did other things after bosom buddies. Come on guys come money and I like whisper to speeches and she was like we you know had to be like end and then I was outed as a a guy with weird knowledge that he shouldn't have so embarrassing. Yeah so I got depressed. I'm depressed about the knowledge was robin in the nineteen nineteen sixties Batman in nineteen sixty six Batman TV show. Well Tim he's back in the headlines. Nice he got a I Elena if you've got a star on the walk fame yeah you got a star on the walk of fame. I'm GonNa get a star on the walk of all you have to do is pay for it. Let's raise the money. Let's let's have the ceremony. Tim and Tom. This is a podcast. I guess they probably just use the radio logo because they put a logo goes like a TV or a film or radio like whatever the microphone. Yeah yeah the microphone like Jack Benny. Yeah probably haven't put Somebody on the walk of fame with with the microphone in a long time had him corolla. But Timmy's a star of the stage and screen. Yeah Oh great man Tim. The headline your your dude. Joe Rogan. Did they put him on the walk of fame. No He's not my dude. He's like when he talks about aliens stuff sometimes. ABC and cancel culture. This is the headline Tim. ABC told Batman Actor. Burt heard war to take pills to shrink penis. His penis presumably for pills are these. I don't know so. Basically basically he's saying that the Catholic League of decency thought that he had a very large bold for television. This sounds sounds like an old man telling tales out of school. Well the church didn't like big. My Weiner was not only that. He's he's he's He's speaking king of the dead because he he said like it was all you know that it was all him. Unlike Adam West voight Batman with Adam they put Turkish towels in his undershorts. What's your right? That guy's dead like it's I wanted to be brought in quite a jerk. Burt Ward Oh they were chums old chums. I don't know these jemmy enough that like you wait a year. After he dies to be like his duke would mud dick was bigger. Also I I mean I remember watching watching the show all the time and I was a kid. I don't remember either of them having like even a visible genitalia let alone like a large bulge. It was just nothing down. There is flag back view the tapes. Yeah so the The studio was you know they were like. Oh we have to. You know. Get in line with the Catholic League of Decency So they they send him to a doctor who prescribed medication to quote shrink me up now this sounds I and then is is like it never returned and so I was really mad. It never went back to know. He's he says quote. I took them for three days and then decided that they can probably keep me from having children. I stopped doing that and I just use my Cape to cover it. He he didn't Robin as a I. Guess the sixty six Robin had a longer Cape but bike. I don't remember him like always having his Cape in front of his crotch. I'll just be like yeah taken. Those pills nets all working. Yeah Dick's tube. It's not on him to cover up with a cave. I think you know what just change changed pants a little bit. He probably did tell him he was still taking them. I bet he was just like no. I can't take these pills but also like the Reich keeps being a problem. Problem is like the sixties and like people would kill to be on television and I would kill to be on television bill. Go Oh to something more extreme. They'll tell me like he. I get this penis would alling surgery or something. A lot of people had that mistakes. It makes very sleek dynamic. This is from page six DOT Com. A Nikki Gaston ghosting. Yes so I didn't realize he was only twenty years old. And and you know I mean I don't know if they ever said how old Robin Kevin was supposed to be in that particular iteration motorcycle accident right burden hordes bear no robin. They died in a circus acts. Yeah they they were riding the motorcycles and they were trapeze artists remember and a mobster cut the cut the trapeze line. Why because I think a circus owed money to the mobster? And he was like e they're not paying up again You send them a message by killing the top trapeze. STAS never never borrow money from the Mafia is especially if you run a circus If you run a circus that's your holy hop Xi Yang. Go to the bank and be like I need more money for the circus. We need to buy some new Lianzi. Old Ones died. Why not if you were bank? Lee a long shot in the heart attack. The the lion team eight him. If you're a bank loan officer would you give a loan to the circus. If the financial order team the circus has their own train making skedaddle anytime let's stay on the run. One has their own training. They leave us. Follow the tracks. Eventually you'll find him. That's true later. You're bound to find him. Yeah do all latrine tracks in the world can not the world but the country connect now. That's started off as a serious question. I think halfway it through you tried to pivot all of them connect but I'm wondering what percent connect i. I would say ninety percent that can't be I mean we. You can kind of emails. Severity connected through stations at lease. Can you get to any train station from any train station. No I don't think so. Maybe maybe a roundabout way. I'm yeah it doesn't matter how long it takes all the train tracks in the world. So but they're more weight watchers their solution take these pills to shrink your genitalia. Instead of like we're we're going to get past him designer in here to make a slight modifications to to the to the costume. Yeah we're GONNA loosen you know at the costumes a little too tight. Yeah we're going to put some extra padding around there to to to make everything which I think is what they had because when you look at them again there's no visible genitalia like it. It looks like it's pad and you're looking on. HD television. Tom I'm looking at the remastered versions back then. It was like the the the six inch screen. Yeah Blurry now's in color but some people so black and white. Yeah Yeah some other revelations from this article. Burt Ward never smoked drank or did drugs and claims to have never been in a bar in his entire life. That's fair in his entire life. I mean he ran afoul of the Catholic applic- League of decency. Maybe keep my keep my nose clean here. He says he was a straight A. Student. Ucla and the Dean Ed. Ucla was upset with him when he left during his junior year. To Do Robin because she said he could have been. He should have been a nuclear air. Physicists that he was in the top three percent in the United States in science and math. It amazes me that you're a smart man and you still say nuclear uh-huh nuclear. What do you think about that? Do you think that that's true or again. Is this a tall tale. I just feel like like this guy's coming out. How old is he now? Ninety five seventy four That's not too old He's coming out and saying hey you know back then. My Dick was too big enough to smart to be on TV. It's a miracle TV at how smart I wasn't a big backwards report scientists..

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