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I'm sure you've heard about the this. Gabby petito case. And it's one that has garnered national media attention One that has is really a truly devastating truly devastating case I wanna to bring you up to speed. Here's a clip from cnbc about where we're at right now. And the petito case. This is the area where investigators made the discovery over the weekend. It is not easy to get to and it's pretty far from the nearest roadway but they spent a full day here after those human remains were discovered now known to be that of gabby petito processing the scene for evidence everywhere. You look in this. Small area of the spread creek dispersed camp area. You can see orange spray. Paint markers believed to be worth. Something of significance was documented by investigators. The markings were placed on trees and rocks and in some cases are numbered in the same vicinity. Many people have now noticed a rock cross in the sand along the banks of a stream that's nearby. it's unclear who put it there or when it was created earlier today. A preliminary autopsy took place at the teton county coroner's office. Several vehicles were seen leaving that facility including a large law enforcement utility truck outside. A member of the coroner's office could be seen talking to someone and hours later. It was announced that the remains are that of gabby petito following that announcement. The fbi issued a new flyer in this case now declaring gabby the victim of a homicide. It also asks that anyone who is in the spread creek camping area between august. Twenty seventh and august thirtieth to give them a call. Now gabby family has not spoken publicly since those remains were first discovered and we learned through their attorney today that they do plan to speak publicly once they say gabby remains have been brought back home. So that's the the biggest update there is that it has now been declared that she is a victim of a homicide I got news for you. It was brian landry. I mean there's no doubt in anybody's mind is there..

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