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But yeah that's like another thing i do with all media night is like figure out how pied the art of podcasting and how you know someone starting can be successful or how someone who's already been doing it for a while can be more successful. And you know that connecting back to the other point that i wanted to to make and maybe turned into a question for you is like shirt you know being in connecticut. I've noticed like the connecticut river obviously is a big part of the state. But there's so many things that were invented in connecticut from the first helicopter flight took the first submarine the first newspaper the first portable typewriter the first cotton gin the first lollipop. You know like just all over the map like the hamburgers with apparently have the best pizza looking into your own local area. You can find a lot of these little facts that it'll add up to something maybe not much at first. You might be like what are you. What is this like a of roadside attraction type thing you know what's the point. It's nostalgic cool great but what i'm starting to realize. Thanks some my friend mike. Alana's is like once you learn about the mystery that there is behind the history of the place. You're born so many things start to get piece together like we were just in old saybrook connecticut yesterday that i noticed there's an old map and it said that the west indies warehouse was in old saybrook. Now you raise your eyebrows. Because you're like west indies that sounding dutch east indies. Sure does and there was a dutch. West indies company. That was very similar to the dutch. East indies company and that those companies were very much involved with the founding of yale university skull and bones as a part of yale university. George w bush. His father were both in his grandfather. All three members of skull and bones so the symbolism the significance. It's there now how that even connects right. There's a college in old in yale. Call saybrook college. I'm back in the day before. Yale university was created in new haven. It was started in branford. Which is in between new haven and old saybrook and a lot of these names of places. Were not the same as they were. You know today like people don't realize that sometimes a county becomes a town or a town becomes a county or a town gets renamed or borough becomes the whole town. You know. there's all these little things that happened in history that add up to a larger story. One piece of information which home again for listener could help me out with this. This would be mazing. But i thought there is an episode of the higher side chats which i lost track of. It talked about a connecticut governor. Who was once an alchemist. I'm like wow so there. A connecticut governor at some point in the eighteen. Hundreds was practicing alchemy. Or maybe even further back but you know these are the little pieces of information that we can all like understand and then that can create an experience like what happened to me yesterday so we talked about the snake right. Well we saw that snake as we adventuring around a place called maka moody's state part now mock mood is state. Park is historically Word moc moody's and indian word. A native american word that means place of angry god or or angry noise you know something to do with loud angry noise..

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