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Happened that it did occur at the same residence where we get up on the set over the weekend but at this point there's no way to tell if it was related to a homicide or food just happen to be a coincidence Fresno fire says this blaze was caused by someone lighting a couch on fire on the home's front porch and the flames then spread to the rest of the house Matt out stock K. M. J. news the NSA alerts Microsoft to major security flaws in its windows ten operating system it could leave your computer vulnerable to breaches disruptions or surveillance Jim rebels more now the reason this is significant is because the National Security Agency would just keep the flaw info to itself and added to attacking toolbox but according to the agency is putting computer security ahead of its hacking arsenal windows ten is the most popular operating system used in business and government today Microsoft has issued a patch and if you have automatic update enabled on your computer that update has already happened the house is expected to vote Wednesday on picks for lawmakers who will prosecute the impeachment case against president trump so they can deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate on on the floor Republican leader Mitch McConnell today pushing back on Democrats demands that witnesses be called here's how deep we have come into Bizarro world the latest democratic talking point is that if the Senate conduction trial based on what the house itself looked at we'll be engaged in a cover up the pending impeachment trial will most likely delay action on an important trade agreement for valley farmers here's AG director don York Senate leaders say an impeachment trial would last roughly two weeks with members a session six days a week now that would push any time line for a U. S. Mexico trade agreement into next month meanwhile various Senate committees need to approve the agreement before it even makes it to the floor for a vote the environment and public works committee along with the Senate budget committee both scheduled to vote on the trade deal today then the commerce science and transportation committee will consider the agreement Wednesday morning followed by other committees the US MCA trade deals worth millions of dollars for various California farm exports John York KPMG news on Wall Street the Dow is up fifty three points at twenty eight nine sixty trouble.

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