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In the House to get worse and worse and even more dangerous. See where in the movie. It's a happy ending? And everything's all good and well in reality. The Warren's might have actually failed at this case in a lot of ways. The parents family was not religious. And this was a problem for Ed in the rain. They said because of their lack of faith they couldn't perform an exorcism and if there is no belief in God's power than it wouldn't do much for the house she and it's kind of this this this Inability to be flexible that the Warren's in their paranormal investigations might not have been the most efficient or in their knowledge in a lot of Laura. I've researched this things. I've come across serve red whatnot. It doesn't necessarily require any universal belief system because yes well faith and belief is really required to perform exorcisms right and have them work. It is only the faith and belief that's required and can come from multiple different perspectives or cultural outlooks. There is no end. All be all universal truth to this tennis stuff. So in a way dogma. Kind of worked against the wards again just for reference not going against any religious beliefs. I respect everglades. You may have. This is just my own personal opinion. Based off of the knowledge. I have I also think that a lot of this stuff passed to do with the subconscious and the psyche of individual people in the end. All the words could really do was tell the parents family to leave the house. Their solution was for them to just act up and leave but like I said earlier. That was not an option for them. So the Warren's documented everything and did everything they could to the best of their knowledge and abilities and left the parent family were forced to endure the horrible huntings for decade until they could finally move out but eventually everybody turned out. Okay one of the daughters were the best selling book called House of Darkness on the case she really check it out. A lot of the different point of views contradict each other concerning the parent family hunting but I think that hers is probably if not the most objective definitely one of the most objective and of course the case is also made famous by like what I said before the conjuring movies which had much more climactic and happy ending but in the real world that the suffering was are from over after the warrants retreated unable to help the parent family or and they're horrific haunting.

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