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Absolutely. I completely agree completely agree with that. All right. Well, there it is. I guess is there anything else that we should talk about? I feel like we did a pretty good job of talking about a bunch of stuff, we covered everything and the kitchen sink, my friend. I love that will thank you so much Jimmy green anything that you want to press right now websites or anything like that. You got a Twitter. It's at Jamaica J, E H M U. You like share single name? That's all. That's all. Well, yes. And I only take Twitter followers that are gonna be nice if not threatening, but I do. Is that right? You don't have. The past ten years. Exactly, whether it's going to be the death of us. But I will say that my excitement about women and not just at the top of the ticket and twenty twenty not just the, you know, record numbers we saw during the state of the union, but all down the ballot in twenty nineteen. There are Bank teen thousand seats up for school board there thousands of municipal seat that women can run for it. And I think we just have to make sure that the women's way we saw twenty eighteen that it continues into this year that we continue to build that pipeline. And so I urge all of your listeners who Noah woman should be running for office to go to the nonpartisan. So we trained Democrats we trained Republican betrayed independence. We tried. Anyone? If you are woman we want to train you vote run lead dot org vote run lead dot org. That's awesome. And you've been doing the last time, we spoke you. Doing some really you're still are doing some kick ass stuff with all of that. So absolutely get out there and fill the local politics where it's a that's what it's all about school board. All those things those are so unbelievably crucial, and they're talked about because our news media doesn't talk about anything that matters. So there it is. Thank you so much Jimmy Greene. Thank you so much for being on the show. All right there. It was my interview with or more conversation. I don't like interviews. You know, I'm a conversationalist that was Jimmu grain. She is awesome. So it's going to be an exciting year and even urine change would it comes to this election cycle. All right. Everyone will thank you so much for listening. You can find me on social media. Ben Kissel, one on Instagram. I like Instagram the bath on Twitter. I don't know. I'm doing it every now and again, but sometimes it's not very productive. And I don't like things that aren't productive. We will see you can't wait to see you all in the road soon. There's a whole bunch of. Stuff. I mean, I could just continue to talk to you forever. But I know you have to go about and take care of your children and go ahead fun with your life. So thank you all so much for listening Levy, very much hail yourselves. We'll talk to you. This show is made possible by listeners like you. Thanks to our ad sponsors, you can support our shows by supporting them for more shows like the one you just listen to go to last podcast network dot com..

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