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Inside hamels and seem to want to be under the luxury tax. So that kind of liquefied the idea that they wouldn't be an offer. But the dodgers are in similar positions. I think both are excellent teams on paper. I think best team still in the National League. And I think they both in a position where they want to set themselves up to do something big hanging at this point. I thought it might be the dodgers. I this point. I think it might be more likely. It would be the cubs. That would look at Harper. The Dutch Joel referenced are still looking at other pieces, including real Budo. You know, I'm not sure how likely it is that Cleveland would trade kluber. But. Reports that it's it's possible. I think they're both in in similar positions in terms of setting themselves on the dodgers have already done that to a degree with that, reg trade. I think the cubs are still looking to do that. If we see that they've traded Hayward or made some room some other way than we're gonna say, we'll really look at it seriously and say, wow, they might be in for opera. But at this point. Maybe yada, yada. Radio. They trade Harper. Then it could mean something. Then we might have something. Baloney. You can't trade. He worked. Right. You can't. But I'm looking Phil Rogers today has a whole thing said that there are two ways the cubs can manage their payroll to become Harper, Bryce Harper friendly. Go one of them is paid out Hayward's contract enough to find a team that would deal for them, basically pay some of the money. The other one is which I thought was interesting. He he basically said that may be the cubs could just go into take the tax hit in two thousand nineteen but then paranoid payroll to get back under the two hundred eight million dollar threshold twenty twenty that's true. You collect Cole hamels and Ben zobrist leave free agents, and you can also let more stroll shack. Million right there. Yeah. Thirty two and twenty seven million. Yes, it's sixty million. So she can. So you can do that take the tax hit for one year because you're gonna have race Harper for live longer. Well, he's right. Yeah. So then who pitches so hamels gone, right? You got four is. It is always end by Gumri. You can always throw him back out the right now. Montgomery's your bullpen. Just explain why you can't trade Jason Heyward, his knees. No good. It's hard to it's hard to move a guy that can only play defense for one hundred.

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