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Good Morning New York. This is the cats roundtable John Katzman. PD's here Sunday morning. What's going on in New York City? What's going on in New York state was this morning? He's the minority leader of the New York. State Senate Senator John Flanagan. Good Morning Senator. How are you this morning? I am doing very well. I'm always happy to agree on his show. Thanks for having me. There are so many problems that people are worried about in Albany. There's the bail reform. Then there's there's the the new laws they passed about real estate and there's a lot of developers leaving town more jobs jobs really. There's rumors that the budgets would be six billion dollars short. Where do you WANNA start? Well I'm GONNA start with. Thank you but also recognizing nizing what we're really confronting. It's one party rule. The disaster one party rule in the state governors have lane the Senate Democrats the Assembly Democrats their priorities. Way Out of whack with the average person whether your health from the city of New York or any other part of the state. So I think it's been an unmitigated. Disaster them in charge and unlike two thousand eighteen then now have to run a record where more people leaving the state than ever before we have a massive deficit this year which is going to grow in the out us. So I'm I'm trying to send a message of hope against the backdrop of all the things that the Democrats have done the bail issue and a criminal justice reforms as their cats to are terrible terrible things for our law enforcement personnel for our first responders for DA's so we're staring down to bat barrel of a disaster again. AH WITH ONE party rule. I blame all of them including the governor. Now I had A. I had a speaker of the assembly. Mr Hasty On a Wednesday show and he felt he did the right thing on bail reform. I agreed with him. Poor people should not not stay in jail longer. But there's better answers like it's more speedy trials. What say you? I say that there was a lack of information sought from from all the people who would actually be administering law. There were never real public hearings this was enacted as part of the New York state budget. which is the last place where it should have been enacted? They never talk doc victims and never talk to not for profit would be affected by all these things so I completely and very strongly disagree with the speaker. I believe there should be reformed. I believe leaving. There should be no distinction between rich and poor. But if you're a murderer or rapist or you're an arsonist. It doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor. The preeminent concern has has to be public safety than not talking about that and there are very egregious examples since January first including somebody being killed online. Just just a couple of days ago. We thought this would happen. Didn't want to see it happen. But we're seeing the manifestation of a very bad law in its implementation. The other thing is happening a lot of real estate people are up in arms because of the laws that already passed a few real estate developers. Developers are so fed up with what the city council voted in New York City besides What the State Senate in Assembly did off Albany? Is there any hope that you could flip back to the state Senate back to a moderate Democrats. Moderate Republicans well. If I didn't think there was any hope I wouldn't be doing doing. I wouldn't be running for reelection. I wouldn't do everything possible with my colleagues to recruit good candidates so I always look at the glass as being half F O. We need to have a philosophy. We need to have an agenda that people can embrace. I couldn't agree with you. More the real estate community. Who is a major major economic? Mackenzie not only here in the city of New York but of course state of New York they were bludgeoned bludgeoned by the Democrats affordable housing as we know it was challenging enough affordable notable housing is gone. Let me repeat. It's got not only in the city of New York. But all across the state of New York the policies were enacted were one dimensional. They didn't take into a whole variety of factors and John. You're absolutely right. There are developers who are packing up and leaving and even those who are staying are not willing to take the risk that they were willing take before. Because there's no incentive and in fact they're being Ellie trivialized marginalized it being punished for being actively engaged in trying to develop ELP real estate in any part of the state of New York We had to state controller on a few weeks ago calmed Napoli that Fears that we are close to a six billion dollar shortfall in our budget. What say you I say the controllers right? He is the keeper of the Public Fisk. And he's doing very job he has to send out these dire warnings for people who pay attention. Yes there's six billion dollar deficit. It looks worse in the out years unless unless changes are made I think this is a reflection of again misplaced priorities by the Democrats and the single biggest component within that six billion dollars is Medicaid. Not recognizing the ballooning costs Medicaid including the effects of the implementation of minimum wage. which is good in some respects? But he's been very negative in its effect not only here in the city of New York but again across state. Unfortunately I do agree with the control. I wish it were to the contrary but there have to be very strong steps. Taken and all the Democrats are talking about is how to raise taxes with hundreds of thousands of people living leaving the state of New York. The last thing people should be doing is talking about raising taxes taxes. But that's exactly what the Democrats are talking about bad for the public bad for the state of your great for other states outside of the state of New York who are not only trying to attract actor businesses and people but people are fleeing outside the boards of New York. What else you WanNa tell? The New Yorkers I think people have to pay very close attention and what happens in Albany with everything that's going on in Washington and it has a tendency to suck all the air out of the room but real hard issues here in New York. There are efforts of foot right by the Democrats again to raise taxes to blow out spending in the state of New York to move social policies. That are GONNA make -Nificant New York much more difficult place place to live work and grow your family. I I really implore people to be holding the feet of their elected officials to the fire. Republicans and Democrats but in this case the Democrats profligate spending not listening to the tax payers not listening to the people who are actually living here in New York who want to keep their family here and have good healthy place to live. I'm very concerned to that. On the criminal justice piece our quality of life is eroding. That's why we had to be even even more vigilant. Not only in our governmental policy but as we look towards the campaigns. That'll be coming. As the year progresses Senator John Flanagan thank you minority leader of the State State Senate. Thank you for coming on shows Sunday morning. And let's catch up again real soon. Thank you very much. This is the cats roundtable. We'll be right back..

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