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Best right now so honored every time we see it we have him on we're blessed Mister Hickok forty five on the air with us how you doing Sir don't fight good to be with y'all preset all listing that watching videos just one thanks everybody yeah I tell you what if if people don't know you then I guess they're not in the industry thank you everybody knows about the wait how many followers that we see this morning on this week four point seven million four point seven million people were hand they're you know they're not all relatives right out like that like they get here I mean that I mean if in all honesty that is impressive it's it's under I mean that's that's just incredible with John and I were watching the video that you had out there from a couple years ago would I think you shot a Smith Wesson four sixteen to a watermelon yeah but to research or watermelons thirty three million views on some you know it was just three three million people watch that I deserve credit we have done two hundred and fifty shows in and we're not up to a thousand views I think I think you're probably it's probably a little high but yeah we're we're close in that half so it all we got we got over a million users in the system at the same real are you still having fun yeah yeah or it was it's it's I I look forward to getting another farm and or the old one you know I'm sure the old ones much as they want to send the I just I just enjoyed bring it out so the I was just almost second nature now and and the thing is we didn't set out Hey let's let's let's create a project here with bank holidays orders just brought out the camera what we're already doing a lot of work so that's what samples in the while.

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