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Weekend foster species are risking biodiversity we can clean the water for future generations all these robber tuiti said i think our lane there for us to pick up when we reinvented our farm one of the things that i heard from a wonderful called his name mary gartrell are she said to me everything that up you need to farm you can get from the sky which i thought was an absolutely outrageous statement but now we we sort of raptor brain around that philosophically that's what we try to do so we we begin by trying to create a perfect ecology on the farm from about diversity perspective and from opponent perspective and we try and ask her cattle to fit into that what that means rust though is that we don't produce the what we produces grass because grass vehicle that harvests the energy of the sun right so what we're doing is trying to understand that the principal energy source for farm hopefully the sun as captured by the grass we're also drives a grasses carver those those grasses breathe down carbon from the atmosphere so instead of thinking or driving a farm from fossil fuels which is the carbon that got the positive around two million years ago we're trying to cycle today's carbon now of course we can't get all the way they i'm can't possibly farm without fossil fuels but we can get closer and closer to farming more from that skype produces rough so we use grass and in fact lose to touch aggressors we use the most modern rassas that that the plant breeders can provide for us those those are cruces in grass is that provide for us in the spring in the fall seasons and there's some used native tall grass curry's native told respiration have root systems that are four meters and fight meters deep and regenerate every two years three enormous enormous carbon sequestration sheens that put tremendous organic material back on the soil were building the soil at the same time as we farm and were resilient because we've got deeprooted crops up provide frustrating the drought season those talk sprays also happen to flesh out a whole sweeter grassland birds in our host for summit aegis species like american badger said resided in i place i remember the sound of the buzzing the bees in the birds when i was on your firm last summer so in some respects.

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