Wilbur Ross, President Trump, White House discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Five thousand dollars at the undis-. Counted rate of nearly nine percent later clarified. How much he cares by telling Bloomberg news. And I quote, we're aware painfully aware that there are hardships inflicted on the individual workers. Now, according to the TSA salary for screeners can range from twenty three to thirty five thousand dollars, which means that seven hundred million dollars net worth Wilbur Ross has enough money to live on screeners top salary for about twenty thousand years. What if government workers can't get alone? Loan already living on the edge. As many are what happens when the bills come due. Well, President Trump had an answer for that today. Does your presidency Wilbur Ross said that he didn't understand what pedaled workers need help getting food? You can you understand the habit? I haven't heard the statement. But I do understand perhaps you should have said it differently. Local people know who they are where they go for groceries and everything else. And I think what will always probably trying to say is that they will work along, I know banks of working along if you have mortgages, the Borghese the mortgage the folks collecting the interest and all of those things they work alone. And that's what happens in dime like this. They know the people they've been dealing with them for years, and they work along the grocery store, and I think that's probably what Wilbur Ross. Wilbur Ross was watching the Andy Griffith show and Barney fife didn't have work, and he went to the grocery store and everybody knows Barney five, and they all know him the local banks, of course, they gave him a mortgage. They give him alone. They gave them free grocery stores. That's what happens it's kind of like a friendly landlord. The president has talked about on other occasions. Always ready to give you more time to pay. Just like he always did when he was a landlord perhaps you should tell that to Ali Morgan field who still going to work is still not getting paid and still forced to worry as he keeps us all safe. How it might feel when he gets a victim more now and all of this and what the president is doing about it or not doing about. It was seen as Caitlyn Collins who joins us now from the White House. So you've got some new reporting on the likelihood of the president declaring a national emergency. What what is the latest? Yeah. Anderson CNN has SC. Lucidly attained this document that shows the White House has prepared a draft for the president to declare a national emergency to build his border wall into funded. If congress doesn't give him the funding now White House officials say that this is still. An option for them. But right now, it's not their top option. But clearly Anderson the fact that this draft exists and has been edited as recently in recent days shows that White House officials still think it's a real possibility that the president could bypass congress and use this national emergency to build his border wall. And the president alluded to that today when reporters were in the room when him with him when he was asked like about Wilbur Ross's comments. He also said that it this doesn't work out with Democrats that he will pursue other options to build his border wall. The president never. Here's negative comments that his own people are making that are widely covered. But he seems to hear just about everything else. That's going on in the universe on television. Do the president. And his advisors seem concerned that six Republicans supported the Democrats plans today and the Senate and did they think they're new pro rated down payment proposal is actually viable well right now. And there is it's at least a plan, which is some progress where they've been in recent days..

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