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Have wbjc hd two birmingham this is yellowhammer news i'm andrea thais alabama congresswoman teary soul releases a statement following the high school shooting in birmingham that killed a female student and injured another says her heart hardest breaking for the parents who have lost their little girl due to gun violence sue offered her prayers for the family she also renewed her commitment to make this case of gun violence in schools in birmingham the last case birmingham police revealed this morning that one person of interest is now in custody today regarding that shooting incident at huffman high school on wednesday this move comes after law enforcement officers worked through the night in reviewing evidence and school security cameras 17yearold cortlandt arrington died from a gun shot fired in the hallway of that school a firearm was brought to the school by another seventeen year old student police said the shooting initially appear to be an accident the city of mobile is going to get an infusion of forty million dollars to help with environmental projects there the money invested will come from a trust fund that was created by civil penalties from the deepwater horizon oil spill the projects to be addressed include a watershed restoration a crosscity greenway and a welcome center four projects in fair hope will get about eighteen million dollars from that same fund the alabama gulf coast recovery council voted on wednesday on where to invest the money from that trust fund throughout the gulf coast the mayor of dolphin island along the gulf coast says his town is ready for spring break mayor jeff collier says the recovery from hurricane damages mostly completed with only one of the four beaches their remaining closed at this time the rest of the town is up and running according to call your the town's estate about seven million dollars worth of damage back in october when hurricane nate struck the gulf coast this news is brought to you by attorney alexander shara a man for the people for more alabama stories go to yellowhammer news dot com.

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