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The following program is brought to you by your friends at podcast one what a matter and won a t mike metro pcs in the iphone se for zero dollars on edward that covers ninety nine percent of people in the us oem present play with the best switched to metro pcs an unlimited lt plan and get a thirty two gig iphone se for ciro dollars metro pcs coverage not available in some areas plus sales tax claim based on talking tech's not directive numbers currently on the t mobile network are active on metro pcs in the past few days see store for details and terms and conditions podcast one presents four up a thug kitchen podcast the show that discusses food politics and pop culture all while trying to give each week bestselling authors and the minds behind doug kitchen michelle davis and matt hallway are here to help give voice to folks just trying to get there together in an outside of the kitchen and now for your hosts michelle davis and matt holloway hey everyone and welcome to another episode of forks up your goto podcasts for all things hot plate and even hotter takes i am michelle davis and i'm matt holloway today on the pod we're going to be discussing the end of homelessness and the ultimate costco hall by the way it is not a coffin spoiler alert not a coffin is so weird that he's okapi the cowboy mafia and our guest chef jet teela will be on to talk about his latest cookbook and how he ended up on every damn cooking show on tv everywhere i i love it and our recipe for today's episode we're going to be featuring chef teela's drunken noodles i actually used to dance to them amp.

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