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I mean, this does he think the Vaccine will do the trick. I mean, I'm again. I'm I don't actually believe these questions. I'm asking, but I'm pretty. I'm pretending like I'm naive for a second. Just because I want to try a new tactic in the new year and say, Does he think what if the vaccine comes? This can end. Unfortunately, I don't I think we're always going to find another reason. Because we've seen that throughout that There's always another. You know, it's if you wear your mask, okay, We can get back to work. Well, we've been doing that. People have been abiding by that yet he continues to close restaurants despite the lack of data saying that that's where we're seeing the spread of the virus. So I don't trust anything that they say. Is that OK, do this. Then you'll have your freedom back. This is why I think it's so important that our state Legislature curtail those emergency powers on duh limit. His abilities there without um you know legislative input because he's been able to circumvent all of that, but the General Assembly has been totally sidelined. In any of this decision making on he really enjoys that. I think he loves not having to deal with the Legislature, and that's a big part of the problem Is that when someone Consolidates that level of power and can effectively, um, the declare things one day without any check or or review. He's really enjoying that power right now. Unfortunately, Matt I met you. I don't know. I guess it's been maybe 10 years ago. I mean, we've been friends a long time and and it was back when we were talking about it was Governor Corbett and we were talking about, you know, privatizing liquor sales. And I wondered back then, with a total control of the Republican Party in Harrisburg. If we'd see real reforms we didn't and I was very frustrated and disappointed. And and now we've got total executive Democrat Control but still Republican legislative control and now we've been through a terribly contentious and I think unconstitutional election and all hell has rained down on the Commonwealth. And lots of attention has been paid. And now we've got some new leadership in the Senate side anyway, I guess how side to do you think this General assembly maybe? I mean, this is my hope again. I hope I'm not being naive. In my question. I hope this is an earnest question. I'm asking and hope you're gonna give me an earnest Yes. Do these people get it to these Republicans and this General assembly in this new leadership. Do they understand? Now they're under the gun that they've been rolled that they're surrounded by jackals. That have absolutely taken advantage of them, and they've got something. They've got a job to do here. Do they get it now? Yeah, Christmas is where? When I looked back. I've been working in these fields for almost two decades. Now, Um, I see incremental improvement. And that's the good news is that I do believe we have we have a very high quality people that are in positions of leadership. On in our Legislature, not everyone, but we have many more than you and I first met. I will tell you that that we're moving in the right direction. And I think That the actions of this governor have demonstrated that they need to really flex their muscles that in fact, they are the real two representatives of the people when you're talking about 203 House members 50 senators and this governor's consolidation of power into the executive branch has been very, very harmful in making sure Pennsylvanians Can, you know? Survive these lockdowns and so to me, Chris. We're moving in the right direction. This last election actually improve things even further, So that's where I'm hopeful. That doesn't mean that things are just going to happen, and and we're going to see the glory days here. We're gonna have to continue to hold them accountable and press them because the incentives And the pressures to do the wrong thing are very, very high school. That's that's the challenges that we will always and forever face continue to employ, folks. And I don't mean to sound like a scold or in Agra. You know, a sanctimonious, you know, jerk on the radio. I just say, I think we get kind of caught up in the national food fight of Washington, D. C. And I certainly been guilty of it for years on my own show. But this last year this pandemic on but we saw happen with this election in Pennsylvania. If this is not taught us to learn who are Elected. State representatives are common with representative and our Commonwealth senators are If we don't learn who those people are and followed closely what they're doing. I don't know what will make us pay attention. If not this last year. Yeah, indeed. I mean, it was where It wasn't the folks on the Potomac River who can impact your lives and livelihood. The most is the folks on the Susquehanna River up in Harrisburg on that's why I have, you know, long focused on state government because That is where they have a much greater impact than on the folks down. You know, in Washington, D. C. Not to say that that's not equally important, but I gotta say what happens in the state government? Um, you know, those are the folks that can keep you out of a job or destroy your business. Great work that Bree it at the Commonwealth Partners. Thanks so much for your time this morning. Thank you, Chris. Good to be with you. Happy New Year, 7 51 still to come. Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review Podcast, senior editor of the blaze. He has a very similar message,.

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