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Coping skills get better you can deal with life better data and so you don't always have to focus as much on xining depression but a lot of times there is other stuff going on too and we need to address that as well and that's why like doing it more in practice on the side yeah but i mean it's also interesting and as you said listen <hes> saying to shelby dr harris earlier shelby showing that <hes> i've suffered with insomnia and really disrupted into him to sleep for a long time and that's when i know will i need to look at other. Things is in my life because that's why sleeps being affected. Yeah i mean sometimes that is important. I mean it's always important to do that to look at all the areas of your life and look at your stress anxiety zayda levels depression whatever it might be medical there can be a million reasons why people have insomnia and sometimes i have come to me and they cannot pinpoint any reason why it might develop. Sometimes you just have insomnia. You just don't know why and yes you might have to address those other factors but sometimes you don't have to you have to address the things behaviorally that you're doing might be making the insomnia keep going on and on and it's not that you're doing anything wrong like if somebody's listening to this in the having the experiencing insomnia yeah they shouldn't be doing anything wrong. It's okay it happens yeah. It happens. It's super common. I've had insomnia myself. It's something that we just just as my patients all the time. I don't sleep perfect every night. We just have to know when we're starting to have trouble and one of the things we can do to get ourselves selves back on track to fix it now. One of the reasons that we are talking is because you've got the brilliant book that i i was saying to shell we before we started recording every chapter. After i read i would think oh. I really want to know the answer. These questions that i'd start the next chapter low behold we clearly have some of the thought process but the book is called the women's guide to overcoming overcoming insomnia and insomnia actually is unfortunately more likely to affect women. Yeah it is a rate of three read it two times more than men. It's really it's a problem and we've always just kind of lumped it together just insomnia that everyone has it but really we need to focus on it for women and more to and what does what does that potentially is it because of hormones is it because of load-bearing everything you hit it. There's a few reasons hormones or one really babies and that is throughout the lifespan so we actually see insomnia rates so trouble sleeping we see equal in children and young adolescents once we reach adolescence in our hormones for women we start to have estrogen levels. <unk> gesture unravels start to change engine women's start to earn young adolescents. I should say start to hit menstruation. That's when we actually see women's start to have more rates have insomnia over men and it's during that time immense race you're just before some women have trouble sleeping for about three to five days just before they menstruate and that can happen month after vermont so that's a very common time for insomnia for women and then pregnancy you're uncomfortable. Stress is a big one right. I hear from people myself included when you're in your first trimester having to urinate on time at night you just hormone j just napping during the day it can't sleep at night and then when your third trimester you're uncomfortable double right..

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