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That's how my mother was born in Guyana he was a missionary from Holland, and my grandmother was a missionary from China. Well, both on service in Guyana had my head my mother, and I grew up the first nine months of my life at a children's home in Surinam and a lot of we're certain. It's a Dutch colony in South America, where I grew up, and yeah, he he lived all the way to ninety six and in addition to like walking a lot and eating well cooked his own food groups on vegetables, he always asked. Well, what would you? Opa because he's does opo what's the secret to life? And you say, it's it's it's the magic of serving other people, right? Because I keeps you keeps you excited. It keeps you going at cetera. You've already accomplished so much in your life of what do you? I mean, as I mean at thirty minute conversations, like not enough time to really cover everything. But what do you really want? Would you really want your legacy to be? I mean, it's it's already basically etched, right? You have your your your brand, which is your name, and it will live and everything that you've done. And and now your book allows you to live. What what do you really want? If you could describe yourself. What would you feel you want your legacy to be? Well, I want my children to follow in my footsteps in terms of treating others way. You wanna be treated, but at the same time. Giving back right. And at the same time being grateful, right because so many people who have opportunity, and our I think fortunate enough to live a certain lifestyle take it from granted. Sure. And I think you have to be very grateful everyday for what you do have not what you don't have. Sure. Anything a lot of people were always complaining about what they don't have as opposed to saying. Well, you know, I've got I've got great health to live in a great place. Whether they're living in New York City or honor LA, I mean. Yeah. Great places to live for sure I have opportunities. And I think there are opportunities all over in front of everybody. Yes. On every level. Yeah. I think you have to take advantage of those opportunities. But I think ultimately the gratitude being grateful for what you do have some port. I agree. What would you say? It was one of your proudest moments. So far. As you look back. Well, I think from a business standpoint, you know, probably still in business after all these years for so growing. I'm also I you know, I'm proud that. We have been able to make a difference in people's lives. Yeah. You know, we're involved with autism and were involved with breast cancer research, and we're involved still with them MS we're involved with a number of different charities. But I I think I'm I'm really proud that. I was able to forge that right and set that precedent. Yeah. Yeah. I think it's understatement. To say you're still in business when we look at twenty fifteen six point five billion dollars in retail sales. If I've hopefully I've not undercutting six and a half billion dollars in retail sales hundred and fifteen countries five continents. I I would say that you're one hundred percent still business and growing, and I would say I I think I think we'd love to hear. Here. How do you actually how do you stay relevant from the mid eighties to twenty sixteen is it about flexibilities about pivoting about seeing expansion opportunities. What would you say is the what's the key? And having a long-term vision that can can be sustainable over that period of time. You have to be flexible, but you also have to have a vision as to what you want to stand for and how you want your brand to be different than what is out there because there are a lot of brands out there, and you could end up being the same as everybody else. Right. And I never wanted to be like other brands a really wanted to be different. So in the early eighties. I thought, you know, my real love is music and positions if musicians wear my clothes their fans are going to wear my clothes, and it's going to keep me connected to music. So over the years everybody from Britney Spears. Usher, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie. Mick Jagger beyond say jewel in regally. See I mean. A J lo I could go on have always been connected to my brand because I've reached out and made it happen..

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