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Get us into the laboratory. Yes, that was your cigar. Smoldering in the ashtray. Yes. And it was you who left my grandfather's book out for me to find Yes, so that I would Then you and Victor were here. Yes, say it gave us my boyfriend. Yeah, Yeah, I guess. Cloris Leachman. How did you figure out how to play? Frau Blucher? I didn't know I was made up. Now I go on the set, and I don't have any idea. How to be found blue or I have any German accent. I've never done one before. So all the time. When there they were shooting. I kept saying hello. Excuse me. Do you know a German accent? Everybody, and and I think one of them was Mel Brooks. Mother. I think she helped me the most. When I first came out the door and I say I am Wow, Luke. I think it's said with such measurement. I was so careful to do it right. That's why it's so slow, But I said I am Wow, look, The running gag in young Frankenstein road is whenever anybody says from Booker, the horses Winnie. Mel told me a few years ago. Blue Kermit Glue. I'm not sure that's true, but it's sure is funny. So it's like they're threatening the horses with the, uh So what did you learn about comedy working with Mel Brooks? I'll tell you one thing. I was going up the steps with Jean and the other to remember in the castle. I'm going to show them around and I had a candelabra. With the candles not lit. And I turned, I say, stay close to the candles. The staircase can be treacherous and then Mill came up to me, climbed up the steps and whispered in my ear and it was a line reading. And here it is. Stay close to the candles. The staircase can be treacherous, which means we've already lost a couple of people. I want to play a scene from another Mel Brooks movie that you were in high anxiety I love this film is a parody of a lot of different offered Hitchcock films and Mel Brooks plays a psychiatrist who's become the new director of the Institute for the very, very nervous And doctor actually felt that color. There's a great deal to do with the well being of the emotionally disturbed and you're the very severe nurse Diesel. And in this scene, Mel Brooks, the new head of the institute, is in his room at the institute and he hear screams coming from your room, and he's very concerned. So he knocks on your door and you come out in a hooded terrycloth robe. Here's the scene. Is everything all right in there?.

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