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Thirty plus years i've seen every type of child grow up instead of giving me what i wanted she gave me what i needed which was truth down that emotions win led truth win do your very bad then you have a lot of fun while you do the better you get at something the more fun you're gonna have something you moms and dads are wired with everything you need to be a parent to a great kid welcome to parenting great kids this is episode number fifty seven and i'm your host dr meg meeker today we're doing a special podcast focusing on fathers this is a very special father's day podcast and the first of a two part interview i did with fox news anchor tucker carlson he is also the host of tucker carlson tonight i sat down with tucker in his office in washington dc and talked about his own father being the father of four and what he thinks about the state of fathers in america so stay tuned tucker is funny witty and has unusual stories and insights into fatherhood during this week before father's day i wanted each of us to pause and think about the fathers in our lives some of us had wonderful memories of our dads conversations vacations car rides walks in the parks or bike rides some of us have lost our fathers and ache to have them back for just one more day some of you listening are followers of young children are grown adults perhaps you're a single dads struggling with the feeling that you just aren't enough for your kids or maybe you struggled with wondering if you're getting this parenting thing right this podcast is for you no matter who you are or what your age each of you has experienced with a father even if you had no father in the home growing up your experience is that you.

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