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It's 6 23. It's the first of its kind in Maryland in burtonsville, a lounge has opened up for people to light up their joints. Hello, my name is Venus. And this is salon house. Chandra owns a place, and she says people come here for many reasons. Maybe they're significant other doesn't like it when they smoke in the house or use cannabis products in the house, or they're just looking to get to know some others in the community. It's like a cigar barn. They can't serve food. To try and partner with food trucks so that y'all have food here, but especially the munchies. You'll need to bring your own marijuana to use or get it from the dispensary next door which she also owns. And right now only state approved medical marijuana users can come and partake. But once July 1st comes around and gets approved, we are good to go. And when that happens, those 21 and up can have up to 1.5 ounces of the drug. In burtonsville, Mike Morello, WTO P news. Starting this week at the Kennedy Center, the Washington national opera presents blue. It's a modern opera, and it deals with serious issues surrounding race and police killings. Entertainment editor, Jason frail. It is a beautiful show that explores the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The human experience. Mezzo soprano Brianna hunter plays the mother of a black teenager killed by the very police force that his father works for. It takes something that is a daily experience in today's life, unfortunately. No one has a name specifically. It's mother, the father, the son. It's almost biblical. They're not named intentionally. I think it's a way for you to not be able to distance yourself from the story. It's like it could be you, it could be someone you know. Jason to be to be news. You can pretend you're part of a hit TV show as it debuts its new season. Ted Lasso's back with season three on Apple plus next week and to celebrate, the owner of the lovable crown and anchor pub, which is featured on the show, is hosting three stays there for fans. The pups called the prince's head in real life, and you can stay there for about 13 bucks a night. That's €11 in honor of the number of AFC Richmond players on the pitch. Rock can't just say great job. Airbnb's opening the bookings for late October. Monica ricks, CBS News. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think ra 6

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