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If they think the diversity of food can be a threat it says a lot about the insecurities and house they cannot leave in a globalised word gino yes ham better and beckett and wine are full part of our french culture but keep up is also very much part of of the french counter do not see kind of the argument though from some french to embrace their traditional foods and as other popular and less expensive foods come in like kebab like berger i mean of seeing the fastfood hamburger joints all over paris they get kind of defensive about their traditional gastronomic doesn't that argument have some merit i don't think it's about guest toronto meets more about clarity forward and indeed i mean we can't say that kebabs a burgers i certainly healthy rosy safer for your diet right don't forget your diet it exactly i mean if you go there there are things in the french guests dromi that are not exactly healthy but alexei that kept ads are part of the french going out to party own that culture keno the only the only kind of restaurant open at one a m in france a literally kebabs i would add that there are french chess who decided to make gourmet combat's so then ruled that each inc yes goolnik bad foot bring people together yes baguette cheese wine of very much french but like i said kebabs is becoming unease now very much french as well so the very fact that france if having this issue speaks volumes about its own identity which is in crisis.

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