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G. o. k. Or call eight hundred eight to nine eight four six eight. That's eight hundred eight nine eight four six eight mypillow dot com promo code g. r. k. As i promised from the governor of texas greg abbott proclamation certifying that the ongoing surge of individuals. Unlawfully crossing the texaco mix the texas mexico. Border poses an ongoing an imminent threat of widespread and severe damage injury and loss of life and property including property damage property crime human trafficking violent crime threats to public health and a violation of sovereignty and territory integrity in certain texas counties and for all state agencies affected by this disaster i do hereby declare a state of this asked for those counties and for those agencies affected. If if joe isn't going to do anything about it if he's going to actually gender the disaster at least there are some people who have pre paid to act good for governor abbot of texas a coal bodies full before general. Mike flynn joins us. I will take more calls at the top of the next hour. So don't go anywhere. Steve blake mark. But let's squeeze in one more call randy north carolina line five. Welcome randy. thank you With time i'll get there. The lady was talking area teacher and she was talking about her pronouns. And everybody's able to identify themselves by whatever gender they want. Why don't we saw this achievement gap and the concern for people of color by allowing people of color whether they'd be by parker other off to just identify as white and then all the problems mysteriously go away. well what about. We say that we're black. How about that any either either one of those and Just as a matter of record. I'm a middle school teacher in dallas this stuff when i can but it's crazy. By how bad is it. Randy how bad is that being middle. Schoolteacher well in north carolina. There's still that idea of gender sensitivity and we're we're fortunate where i am right now. That critical race theory has not. Well look you got mark. Robinson who's declared war as lieutenant governor in critical race theory. God bless you randy. Stay on the line. He deserves a copy of why we fight my story of the heroes that built america. Why we fight defeating america's enemies with no apologies. Get your signed coffee at said. Gorka store dot com that said goal. Cadeau store dot com. More of your calls. And mike flynn here on first..

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