Aaron Rogers, Colin Kaepernick, NFL discussed on First Take - Time To Panic?


We all know how i feel about aaron rogers and we know what the same man is past the nearly forty thousand yards already in his career whose fresh off the season of having thrown forty touchdowns who's had a quarterback rating above one or one in eight of the last nine seasons considered by many to be the most talented quarterback in nfl history he's done going for the season and with him so as any hope of the green bay packers making a play of the generating some real noise this coming postseason now having said all of that guess what in the end we really don't care colin kaepernick are you listening say what you will about the nfl call it the no foreign league not for long or anything else you could come up with just don't forget that they've elevated their brand to a point where we need nfl a hell of a lot more than they need us we have to admit this no matter how much it hurts the nfl as religion in this country now compromising everything from the start of the nba season mlb postseason to win a pastor scheduled performance on sunday mornings is the reason why they could project making twenty five billion annually by twenty twenty seven because advertisers and sponsors can rely on the brand they don't have to rely on individual rogers has gone miserable over it you know me but who else is out of green bay is a top rating still plan how about drew brees what about the show watson in houston cost ouessant filling isn't can still playing carolina and that's just a quarterback position where brady was suspended for the first four gave the 2016 the folks that watching as turned off this folks are about ct did that compromise the nfl's projections for the future what a television networks willingness to subsidize that brand we know to answer to these questions so why then ask.

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