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We'll have a lot more on the trip coming up as senator Joe Manchin back at home puts Democrats reconciliation hopes on ice and the chip act may move all on its own now we'll discuss it all coming up with congressman John katko. Republican from New York and with our panel, Al modern democratic strategist joined by Rick Davis, of course, Bloomberg politics contributor partner at stone court capital later on, we turn to COVID cases surging in cities around the country, thanks to a new sub variant. I spoke earlier today with doctor Anthony Fauci and later we will discuss the return to work here in New York with Sally bakewell of Bloomberg news. Let's get up to speed on the markets before we go any further and update now from Charlie. How are you? Thank you very much and let us extend that fist bump theme because that's what the bulls were doing today on Wall Street the Dow, the S&P and NASDAQ, big day, bottom line losing week, but today's stock surged, in fact, we had stocks closing at the best level of the day. Banks front and center, Citigroup case in point surging 13.2% after earnings, Wells Fargo after earnings up today by 6.2%. The stock market snapped back at the end of a dizzying week as traders reduced their bets on a bigger fed rate hike this month, while sifting through a raft of Wall Street earnings and hoping for signs of capitulation. S&P up today by 72 up 1.9%, the Dow advanced 658 of 2.1% as stack up 201 up 1.8%. Ten year yield 2.91%, the curve remains inverted to two year yield 3.12%, spot gold 1708, the ounce, lower today by one tenth of 1%, crude up 1.9%, 97 59 of barrel, I'm Charlie pellet that Joe Matthew is a Bloomberg business flash. Thank

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