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And then Matt Russell obviously in the mix as well. And so I think that you need to have somebody or or a few people like that around you if your AH player or legendary coach and you were jumping into the front office without having done the legwork of working your way through scouting. Well, BK. We appreciate it as a zoo. Always. I do have the initials game sitting here, So thank you. Sure so we don't get to talk about the quarterback. I'm not going back quickly. I'll ask you quickly when you when you heard when you heard that exit interview by Vic Fangio when he said That Jew lock can be the starting quarterback. What was your reaction? Well, I think he was one sending a message that drew saying this is certainly not your job, even if we don't trade for Sam Donald or Matt Stafford and don't draft a quarterback in the first or second round to come in and really, really compete with you. And the veteran that we sign is a nick Foles type or even a Ryan Fitzpatrick type. But nothing's given and also to your point or as you guys were trying to figure out. I thought we talked about a little bit earlier this week, but after doing a little more digging The new GM is going to have a saying. If you have a GM that comes in and says they hate drew lock, and they want to make a move now or they want real competition. Or they want to use the number nine pick on Trey Lancer or the Wilson Kid from BYU of their available or trade up to go get one of those Guys or even a Justin Fields. If you can get to where he is the then it will be the GM's call, just like the Justine Simons deal on the Von Miller deal, And all of that will be the GM's call. And Vic Fangio's future Beyond this year will be the GM scholars was obviously his assistance. So at the same time, there's a good chance that whoever they hire likes your lock enoughto want him to have a shot to compete because of how the organization has set it up. Order like to succeed with all the pieces they put around them the way the salary cap is structured, so I think that GM is empowered to make a move. I just wouldn't expect that any of these five people to this point will run your lock out of town before at least given him a new offseason with Pat Shurmur and all these young guys around him, all right, that's OK away. Broncos has had a brandy crystal being brought to you by Coloradans for responsible energy development. It's big Alan Jo Jo, This is K away news radio Pro pick him Challenge comes up next first to traffic.

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