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The comedores joe fisher battered owens the season opener in convincing fashion defeating middle tennessee tonight in murfreesboro at floyd stadia bottle final score of twenty eight two six for the first time mason's brief tenure vanderbilt the comedores are wanna know to began a season middle tennessee a rare gave to be damned david shut down on this op eds as they were tonight an outstanding performance by both sides of the football and things got started very early the comedores on their opening drive march downfield five place seventy five yards capped by how servers first touchdown pass of the season change it up the tempo server look long firing has a mad at slept skilled belt touchdown they wet hurry up lipscomb got behind the middle tennessee defense the ball was just slightly under thrown but let's go with a little bit of a height advantage on the secondary and he came away with it five plays seventy five yards to twenty nine off the clock lipscomb with at 37 yard touchdown reception to make it seven nothing next possession for middle tennessee in an early indication the capital defense which really going to be a forced tonight bandabuilt about is four stockstill as he throws and it's intercepted it's intercepted by vanderbilt its price lewis took forty tough midfield there the foreside lied and added by out at the thirty eight yard line up the blue writers first interception per brice lewis first intercept should for the comedores this year they wasted little time kachigian three plays forty yards wrath web with a oneyard scoring strike to make it fourteen nothing once again the capital defense pitch to shut alamo next drive and bad what gets the ball back their longest by far sustained drive of the night thirteen plays seventy six yards and once again sure our two lipscomb little creeping up showing blitz once again they're coming sharper drops he's going to send the fate of the far side and it's i doubt touchdown lipscomb his second touchdown reception executed to perfection and the pro was right on the money thirteen place seventy six yards golija lipscomb at four touchdown catch or two touchdown catches all of last season had two of the first hand twenty one nothing at the.

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