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Fresher third or fourth liner might be more effective than a guy that's taxed already for twenty two shirley game and they're going that way and and you know what the game's changed to. Now you're four. Signers are skaters are so it fits that three three a little bit more. Even they can play on exciting style. Kings are starting to practice a ready to take a look and just two questions from listeners. For you Eric Goldman asks morning. Skate ritual is it time to change We've seen Columbus doesn't do morning say they don't even go to the rink. The New York Rangers David Quinn. He's kind of adopted that philosophies well they don't have a morning skate it. Is it time to change up that routine or should it? Is it team by team? Basis just the evolution over time is going to be team by team. There's no question I think I think as more coaches are doing with Tortorella doing and there are Joel Quenneville. We just played. Florida talked about it where he didn't have his team down in the morning. And I think that as far as I'm aware like an Andrzej Qatar. He wants mourn escape. He's a veteran guy. It won't be grandfathered out with a rule. But it probably will be grandfathered out with as it's being sprinkled in now more and more players get used to it. I'm going to go back to my last year of junior where I didn't go to school. I was playing. I had the whole day to build up my energy. Excuse my energy. I really liked that. We know why it was brought in right because the guys get on the road. They have a great time guys at home. They have a great time. They go out there partying partying late because they don't have to get up till three o'clock the next afternoon if there's no morning skate. So coaches said okay. We've gotTA find a way to get him out. Nowadays lights changing money that the players can now make have changed their attitudes. I think there's less using less of that abuse of the body and more more commitment it will slowly go away the morning sky. I get the hunch that is time we'll still be made available if they want it if they wanted workout. Something you know guys get dinged up during the year anyway so I have a feeling it will still be made available but structured morning skates. I think when this kings team in the roster turns over in the next couple of years. I think you're going to go away even with this group. If you're a rookie almost feel obligated. Some right I remember. My first year Larry Murphy was rookie. Also and he was playing so much that he would be given days off as a rookie and that was unheard of but they had to tell him as opposed to him just deciding on. Go on the ice. You want so badly to be part of the team. Here's here's one because we played the Carolina hurricanes recently. And they were wearing their throwback Hartford whalers Chit. Who is the Best Hartford? Whaler you ever play against Ron Francis. What hard to dig that way? Kevin Dineen was just a hard working group of guys. Blaine stoughton scored fifty. If not sixty they really. That was A. I think for a lot of players that grew up in the junior hockey league system even though it was an NHL arena. Hartford gave you that more of a small town feeling just again the rinks connected to a mall and then really stand out as big majestic building like a lot of those. I can tell you why Harvard. Still to a lot of players that are scouts. Now around or coaches they still have that special place for Hartford because it felt more like their upbringing with hockey. It just had that small town feel more than more than other buildings in Just really I'm so glad that Carolina decided to do that and they've done it for the last couple of years. I know that the Kings have had some throwback Jersey tonight I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I think fans love it. Let's give them something different than a great night loss. Maybe the having played phillies. Maybe the best game on the road trip the Kings played yet. You lose to nothing if you break it down. But a little bit. I'll remember it more so because Carolina was wearing the green sweaters. Look terrific all right. We're going to go watch practice. We're going to say goodbye for now. Enjoy the bye week. Everybody it's a ten daybreak for the king's Inbetween Games. The All star break in there as well make it a good one and we'll see on the other side..

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