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Meanwhile, the Aztecs looking for their next opponent that will be the Nevada Wolfpack, Thursday night, up on the maze of Yes Arena and as tech boom, the Aztecs and assistant Chris Acker. Are now seven and two on the season after 11 days off, they have eight games in four days. I know they're excited about getting out there and playing games. You know for us. We got guys that love the game and loved the play, so they're just excited to be able to play games. Let's practice less preparation and just get after it in the Vatican. Gonna pull their own challenges, and we're studying film right now and trying to get familiar with them so that we can present a great game plan to our team. That's Aztecs basketball system. Chris actor of their inaction Thursday night up on the mates against Nevada Wolf back and Alabama's Devante Smith, the best player in college football name the Heisman Trophy, one of the first wide receiver to earn it since 1991 Ernie Martinez Kogo Sports. Fox reboots The iconic game Show name that tune. Michelle Pelino reports. Jane Krakowski hits the right Note as host of Fox is reboot of Name that tune. The one hour show takes its cue from the beloved 19 seventies game show that tests contestants music knowledge as they battle it out over naming a song after only a few notes. I can name that tune into notes. Lipumba correct. Andy Jackson leads the band on piano. The show pits two contestants in a race against the clock. The more songs you know, the better you will do. They play a variety of games and the player with the most money at the end of the bitter note round wins. Oh, what Well, Bob, and then he goes. La Bomba were like that. There had to be like I can't or something in there. There's not that some kind of that some kind of witchcraft. No, there's no head. Are you sure? There's no hint? Guarantee you lies, lies. Melon Turn. You're my God. Springsteen fans have a big surprise coming their way this year, the boss teasing upcoming projects.

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