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And products will build solutions that are meant to solve one problem specifically right in a legal manner. You know, what I'm saying like thinking about what he thinks about silk road. That was essentially a decentralized anonymous. Third party brokering system foreign exchange of goods and services. That's all that it was. But what it manipulated morph into an eye module? I was there. I saw that website before it got taken down. I've seen spin ups like it like Gora. I mean, there's a there's infinite now, but think about just that platform, and I'm I don't I don't know frost met to do it like that for these specific use cases of drugs weapons, you know, contraband, all this black market shit. I don't know if he meant that. But he built that platform at he never saw any of those things he never physically held the drug. She never physically held any of the weapons. He wasn't. He wasn't sending them receiving them. Nothing. He just had created the platform. He was the coder. He was the engineer at a now he's spending to you know, to life term sentences man, it's it's unnerving a little bit. Like sometimes I think from creating Sam. Point when I'm when I'm developing something, or I Concepcion something like is can this be, you know, also used for evil like end to what extent you're I mean, that's kind of. I think that's the fucked up part about what happened to him is because I'm just like seriously. You know, I mean, again, I I, you know, I I can't speak for him and say, okay, what was your intent throughout the whole duration of the silk world with during creating get all the way up into the moment to where you know, we've got now. But at the same time, I mean, I mean, you think about blockchain chaining crypto, courtesy think about how many people operate in this space anonymous because they worry about similar things in essence like that's it be Be like like that. that. You know, is it be you know, why why is it? I mean, and that's one thing. I think about why why just because that person being the creator of it, especially if the end of the reason, why was created wasn't the results of all of the negative stuff to happen. Why does he have to do to fucking lifetime sentences for that? It's not. It's really insane, bro. Yes. It's just like this is pointing the finger that I yelled, this is your fault. And I really feel like it's almost like an intimidation thing. They're just like. Yup. Our limit of eight if you want to but this is what's going to happen? If you innovate in somebody else's tastes shit. Does something wrong with this like, really? Man. I it set up proceedings. And if you really think about how that story Ross the story was morphed by the media you start to get kind of clear picture of. All right. Who who would be of who would be interested in spinning up a story? Like, this who would be interested in making an example of of Ross Albrecht in particular with silk road. I mean, when you really start to think about the powers that be mean, dude, it just you go down a rabbit hole that you really can't find the answer to. Because it's the same shit. They do with crypto was same thing. They do when they talk about, you know, the dark web, you know yard. You know, how it is? The media's Meno take shitting spin it until the Disney and falls. Like NC? That's another thing. That's again, why love doing these conversations in these podcasts hundred people in these positions. Like, for example, you haven't had had that conversation with Lynn, you have a perspective. Now that comes from a source outside of the media to me, which is the most important source. You can have especially talking to somebody who like yourself. I believe is extremely credible in talks with a certain level of ethics. That is commendable like that you do substitute for that. Like, none. So. Yeah. Other than talking to lead herself a Ross himself. So I if you know something like that is so important, man. Get in that information is the real shit. That's what's important. Yeah. Man, nothing to just from innovating standpoint..

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