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Has been growing now for some time, there are now twelve crosses their names of each of the victims are pictures, and people are signing the crosses people coming here for a little bit of connection, essentially dropping off flowers, taking a knee thing, a prayer and hoping that this community can get beyond this Virginia Beach Virginia now on the grim lists of US cities that have suffered this sort of violent Miguel, Mark gas reporting twenty one till the House Democratic caucus remains fragmented on the issue of impeachment of President Trump. Correspondent Linda Kenyon has the story. Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains cautious about impeachment saying it is more important to conduct careful investigation and build an airtight case for impeachment rather than to charge headlong into impeachment proceedings house majority whip James Clyburn beliefs. That's. True. Yes, exactly. What I feel. I think we've already begun we've got all of these committees doing their work. We haven't hearings. We've already won two court cases and there other cases they'll still to be determined. On CNN state of the union. Clyburn, says Democrats must be careful to build a case that sticks. What NASA below is trying to do and the rest of us in house of representatives is to a process by which we can they physically move on this issue, West Virginia Democrat. Joe manchin. Tell CBS space the nation. He does not believe impeachment is the right way to go. You've got a little over seventeen months to the next election. If you want to go through an impeachment we get very little done there. Anyway, we're get nothing done if you go into that next all, there's not one Republican in the Senate that would vote for impeachment, so why waste your time you have an election coming up Pinon there and make your choice, saying impeachment while lightly in the house is equally likely to hit a brick wall in the Senate house intelligence committee chair. Adam Schiff tells ABC's this week he agrees for now. We'll look, I think we're going to do what's right for the country and at this point, the speaker has not reached the conclusion, and I haven't either that it's best for the country to put us through an appeasement preceding that we know is destined for failure in the Senate. Now that calculus may change if the president continues to stonewall if the president continues to demonstrate his unfitness for office. But what if it's a close call a we have an important legislative agenda to try to advance a we have a portent oversight work. We can do outside the context of impeachment. Louisiana, Republican Senator Joe Kennedy on CBS's Face. The nation says impeachment just won't fly. And here's why impeachment polls right up there with skimmed milk among the American people, and Kennedy offer some advice for the Democrats, if you want to do it go hard or go home. You know, if you want to do it go to Amazon online boss, spine, and do it, Linda Kenyon, Washington. It's twenty one. Well, the House Democratic caucus fragmented on that issue of impeachment and jimbohannon guest has an interesting perspective on the personality of President Trump. President Trump is considered rather Iran even beyond spontaneous. Some might say he's just crazy. Well, maybe others would say he's undisciplined, maybe, and there is another theory about what's at work here. And it is put forward by our guest, David Johnson, the CEO and founder of strategic vision. PR dot com, which is a media relations and public relations firm and your theory, I guess goes back to another president, Richard Nixon. It does Richard Nixon pursued in foreign policy, what he called his madman theory. He wanted his foreign adversaries to think he was so crazy, and he was so he might do anything you might use nuclear weapon so that they would come to the negotiation negotiating table and make some concessions. It's how he ended the Vietnam war, how he was able to open relations with China, and also pursued detente with the Soviet Union in Donald Trump. I think now is applying that man. Man theory. In policy when he goes, angel Mirko, or Kim Jong UN. I think he's also applying it to domestic policy as well. He wants to keep people off balance, because there's a method to mid, and he feels that people do think he's Radic more likely make concessions to them. Dow Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley issued a statement that included this trade policy and border security are separate issues. This is a misuse of presidential tariff authority and countered to congressional intent. What would you respond to Senator Grassley, I would disagree? It's not a misuse the president's trying to preserve protect in defending the constitution and the American borders. And he knows the only way to get Mexico crop rate in our border with Mexico is to go after their economy through tariffs and what we're seeing is that it's working and Mexico's. Oriented panic. They're sending their foreign minister to Washington to try to work out a deal. The president of Mexico has written a letter to the president promising concessions. So, I think Senator Grassley while he wants to stick his Kobi affected is panicking, when there's no reason to panic. Did Donald Trump do this kind of thing when he was running his real estate empire? He did. He was well known for being very Radic. He would walk out on deals that everyone was finished to municipalities unions to make concessions and it worked for him in New York. And he's applying that now to the White House, what it is that has still many people so shocked is they're not used to a president dealing this. Donald Trump is applied his New York tactics to the White House in terms of the effectiveness of, of all of this, you approve generally of what the president's doing, but I'm wondering if you had his ear if you would offer some maybe refinement some things he might do more of or less of. I would cut down on some of the tweets and rather use the bully pulpit and address the American. Nation with prime time TV addresses. He's very successful when he gives a speech as we see with a spike, which is poll numbers, their state of the union. More address America from the oval laws. This discussing what he's doing making his announcement that way. Rather than on Twitter, aside from the tactic being used here. Your, your thoughts about the, the president's trade policy using trade as leverage in general. I think it's perfectly correct. He promised American people number one. He would level the playing field with four. That's what he's doing with the tariffs. The more importantly, he said he would secure our borders, and with Mexico with a Democratic Congress unwilling to help him do, so he has no other alternative than to go after Mexico apply tariffs until Mexico will do what they should have been doing for decades and enforcing laws on their side of the border. David johnson. He is the CEO and the founder of strategic vision, PR group dot com..

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